February 21, 2024

Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike – 2023

Cycling has numerous health benefits and getting started only requires a bike and knowing how to ride it. An electric bike offers some assistance while you ride. Many people think that an electric bike allows you to “cheat” by not pushing you while you ride. While you do get some power assistance, you still have to put in some effort, and this is why riding one is known as a moderate-intensity activity. If you are interested in getting an electric bike, here are some health benefits you can expect.

Riding Helps with Weight Loss

To lose weight, you have to expend more calories than you consume. Exercise is a great way of utilizing or burning more calories. Riding an electric bike is not too strenuous for most people, but it still requires a lot of energy which translates into higher caloric consumption. Even in cases where you ride the bike for short distances to run an errand, for example, you will still use more energy and burn more calories than if you just took your car or rode the bus.

The best thing about riding a bike is that your metabolism remains high even as you recover. This means you keep burning calories for some time after you have stowed your bike away.  Note that this effect does not last forever, and this is why it is important to exercise regularly for better weight loss results.

It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Moderate exercise does have a myriad of health benefits, but an obvious one is its benefits to cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular health is directly related to how efficiently the body can transport oxygen and nutrients to its various organs and tissues while removing carbon dioxide and other toxins.

By exercising with an e-bike, you challenge your body to push more blood to its tissues and organs more efficiently. Your body then adapts by making your blood vessels more elastic and better at ensuring oxygen and nutrients are available where they are needed and removing the toxins mentioned. Better cardiovascular health has a positive impact on the skin and your internal organs, and can also make daily tasks such as lifting, carrying, and climbing much easier.

To get the most benefit, it is best to purchase an electric bike that gives you enough challenge depending on your capabilities. Once you find the right bike, you should protect it because electric bikes such as the Rad Power bikes are not cheap and are thus in high demand. You can protect your bike by getting the right insurance for Rad Power bikes from companies like Velosurance. In addition to insurance for Rad Power bikes, Velosurance provides insurance for all bicycle types, covering crash damage, theft and losses in transit. They also cover your medical bills if you injure on your insured bike. Their insurance covers you no matter where you are or where you choose to ride.

Reduced Stress and Improved Mental Health

Mental health is a crucial component of your overall health because it can impact your physical and emotional health in numerous ways. Riding an e-bike can help riders achieve a better state of mind.

To get the most benefit, you should aim to ride in areas with a lot of fresh air and sunshine. The escapism that comes with exploring areas you have never been in before can also help reduce stress. The NHS even reports that riding one can reduce the risk of depression by about 30%.

Riding a bike can take us away from daily stressors and endorphins produced during this moderate exercise can also uplift our moods.

Better Health Equals a Better Immune System

Better health translates into a better and stronger immune system. The immune system is responsible for fighting illnesses and although a strong one might not stop you from getting sick forever, it will help you fight simple infections like colds and flues while giving you a better chance of beating more serious illnesses.

Riding Helps with Disease Management

Riding an electric bike can reduce your risk of contracting certain health conditions and managing them as well, according to research done by the NHS in the UK. An e-bike is also a viable exercise option for those who cannot exercise due to compromised health.

For example, the University of Bristol found that riding an electric bike played a crucial role in the management of diabetes. Although scientists are still debating about how this happens, they think it is because riding increases metabolism, thus reducing blood glucose levels.

Riding an electric bike is very different from cycling, but you still get many of the same health benefits. The advantage here, though, is that riding is not as strenuous as cycling, making it perfect for those looking for moderate-intensity exercise. If you take up this activity, choose a bike that has the right intensity level and allows you to continually challenge yourself.

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