May 27, 2024

How Often Should You Exercise? A Helpful Guide – 2023

Exercise – It’s hard to overstate the benefits of exercise in every aspect of our health. From weight loss to brain health to its role as a sleep aid, exercise has a lot to offer!

Of course, whether you’re hoping to focus on your general health or build some lean muscle, you might have a hard time figuring out when to make time for a workout. After all, how often should you exercise?

The answer to this depends on your personal goals and needs. Let’s take a look at the recommendations for exercise depending on what you hope to get out of your fitness sessions.

How Often Should You Exercise for General Health?

If you’re trying to ensure your general health, it’s important to stick to a minimum of weekly activity. According to the CDC, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.

You should also get two days of full-body muscle-strengthening exercise. The best exercises for this include everything from weight training to bodyweight movements like squats and pushups.

Depending on your preferred workout routine, you can choose to split your exercise between multiple types and intensities. As long as you get your heart pumping and work out all major muscle groups, you’re good to go! This makes it easy to run to the gym or get fit from home as needed.

How Often Should You Exercise for Weight Loss?

Hoping to shed a few pounds? The expert guidance above can help you maintain your current weight, but if you’re aiming for weight loss, you may want to tack on a few workout sessions each week.

Adding one to two more cardio, core, and stretching sessions to your weekly regimen can be a good way to see results. Make sure not to ramp up your workout schedule too fast, and schedule at least two rest days per week regardless of your weight loss goals.

In addition, note that you’ll only see results if you factor in your nutritional intake as well: you can’t outrun a fork! Choosing an active lifestyle as well as healthier meal options can help in the long term.

How Often Should You Exercise for Muscle Gain?

If your goal is to build lean muscle, you’ll need to focus on strength training.

On top of the CDC’s recommendations, try adding another day of strength training to start. You’ll want to use light to moderate weights, though you should add more as you build strength.

In addition, don’t neglect your cardio in your fitness routine! Stick to the recommended cardio activity per week, but focus on high-intensity sessions like HIIT to help you build more muscle.

Reap the Benefits of Exercise Today

Whether you want to drop a few pounds or increase your energy, getting in enough workouts each week is key. Now that you’ve stopped asking, “How often should you exercise?” it’s time to jump in! Set your exercise goals based on the recommendations above, and find a workout routine that works for you.

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