April 21, 2024

Questions You Should Ask Before A Hair Transplant – 2023

Hair Transplant – More than 21 million women suffer from hair loss problems, with 80% losing their hair by the age of 60 years. Mostly it occurs because of the age of the women, but stress and diseases can also be other factors. The hair loss condition is common in both sexes, with most opting for hair transplant treatment. This is a valuable treatment for women suffering from alopecia and baldness problems. However, you must take the service of hair transplant for women from reputed professionals or experienced specialists.

The hair transplant treatment may cost up to $15,000. Therefore, the patients must get tailor-made therapy according to their conditions. However, ask a few important questions from your doctor before opting for a hair transplant.

Am I a Suitable Candidate?

Firstly, you must check with your surgeon about the suitability for hair transplant surgery. Your suitability depends on your hair condition, pre-existing hair issues, and age. In case you are not deemed suitable for FUT or FUE treatments, a few alternative therapies are suggested for patients. They can be low-level laser therapy, micro scalp pigmentation, Vitamin infusion therapy, etc.

What is Your Experience in Carrying Out This Procedure?

The experience and certification of the surgeon are of paramount importance when carrying out the hair transplant procedure. The surgeon in the UK must be registered with the General Medical Council, and they must be affiliated with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. It will help you know who is performing your surgery and give insight into their team.

Do You have a Fully Equipped Hospital?

This is another important question you must ask your doctor. You do not have to run here and there with the chaos of patients thronging the place. Ask your doctor if they have a fully equipped place for conducting the hair transplant procedure. The hospital must be in a commercial area, as suggested by the authorities.

Will the Hair Transplant Procedure Hurt?

The doctors use intravenous sedation and local anesthesia to remove the discomfort during the procedure. Well, most doctors recommend the modern transplant procedure FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction that does not leave any scar or is not painful. Here, the surgeon collects single hair from the back of the head to transplant it to the baldness-affected areas.

What will the Results Look Like?

It is a common question that most patients ask. Well, the results will look natural if the doctor uses the FUE technique for hair transplant. Each hair follicle is treated independently with the grafting technique. It gives a natural and denser look to your head. Patients can start seeing the results within six months of the hair transplant procedure.

Wrapping Up

Thousands of women to get their hair back opt for a Hair transplant procedure. You must get it done under the supervision of experts like Hairbraned and take care of new hair according to the instructions provided by the doctor. Always make sure to take the services from a reputed surgeon and hospital.

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