June 25, 2024

How Society and Family Influence Bad Health in Men

The blame for illness always goes to the victim and this is one practice of society, which has been following for centuries. However, there are endless other factors that force victims into the scenario. The same happens with men’s health too. For the bad health of men, the blame goes to the victims only, but there are endless other reasons that turn men into the victims of bad health.

The two major forces that influence bad health in men are their family and society. Let us check now, how they influence men into their ill health conditions.

Influence of family on young men

You always listen to the fact that men participate more in the rat race, but do you know the biggest influence in the fact is the family of men? Expectations of family members force men to participate in the rat race more often. Becoming an active member of the rat race is very much addictive. Hence, once the addiction takes shelter within men, there remains nothing to do. However, this addiction develops in men for the family members only.

If at a young age, men start feeling comfortable in something which is not going to bring money and fame easily, then family members start making their kid’s life poisonous in one sense. Starting from the time he wakes up in the morning, till he sleeps, all the time he will listen to endless gossip regarding how irresponsible he is. They will not tell you that you are walking on that path, where success is mostly uncertain. They will pretend that you are beloved to them whether you get success or not in whatever you do.

However, the motive of their gossip is one and only related to your success. Unless you walk on the path, which they believe will bring success to you easily, they will continue insulting you regarding whatever you do. The insulting words will not restrict to your professional views, but the same will come and enter your bedroom and even bathroom. The way you sleep, the way you eat, the way you even bathe everything is due to the way you think about your profession – this is the way, they will continue insulting you.

The insult will continue unless a deadly result. Either you will walk on their decided path, or you will face some nervous breakdown from the insult and can develop a disorder to take Cenforce 200 mg. Before that, the insult will not stop by any means. The fact of humour is that, everyone faces such conditions, but none is going to designate the condition for the bad health of men.

Influence of family on responsible men

Do not think that when you settle into a job or a business and get married, the scenario of the family will not change. While in the Asian context, the situation worsens to an extreme level, the same in the Western world just shifts from one hand to the other. In the Asian context, where family makes a deep impact, parents add wife in the section of those insults. However, in the Western world, where the concept of family is weaker, the influencer shifts from parents and siblings to wives.

No one will be happy if you are happy with your job or business health. You must always think about your growth. Growth in what sense – growth never means the betterment of your humanity. If you concentrate on the betterment of humanity at a young age, your wife will show anguish to you, your siblings will show mercy on you; and your parents will ask you – is this the age to give a concern on these things now?

Hence, the growth and thoughts related to the same must be on economic growth, growth in societal acceptance, and growth in terms of status based on the two. In one word, you must not be happy with what you have – not happy with the salary you earn, with the profit you earn, with the car and house you own. What is the result of that? Simple is the result – you start participating in the rat race and eventually get addicted to that.

In the due course of that addiction, you develop endless stress, develop an addiction towards smoking and alcohol, and develop many odd practices like sleeping late at night and eating spicy foods. Eventually, you face disappointing disorders where you need to take Fildena 100 mg from Powpills. However, blame will come on you for all these miseries. The background villains will turn into heroes.

The society behind all

Do not ever think that your family members behave like that for nothing. Society is that villain in the background for them, whom they treat like a hero. If your parents and siblings back up your thoughts about profession and career, the surrounding society is there to interrogate and criticize them all the time. The underlying fact here is – to avoid the criticism of society, your family members insist you in that way. At least, this is the excuse; they will give you if you blame them for their role any time in future.

However, the problematic area is the lack of knowledge. The family members and society also watch the changing world around them and quite illogically, but with stubborn orthodoxy, they will believe that all the changes are happening naturally. The changes like the jobs, the changes in the demand of employers, the changes in the mode of salary – all these are illogical for both society and your family members. This makes you even more depressed and you develop serious disorders at times and rely on Vidalista 20 mg for life long.


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