December 9, 2023

How To Help Seniors Eat Better? – 2023

Seniors Eat Better – The right nutrition and eating well is important throughout our lives, but it can become more of a problem as we get older. The issue is that older people may not feel motivated to cook if they are living alone, and that could lead to them not eating at all. Or perhaps they do cook, but they use unhealthy foods that they have always eaten but that now are taking more of a toll on their overall health. No matter what the issue, if you feel that a senior relative or friend needs some help with eating better, here is some advice to help you help them.

Meal Planning

Seniors Eat Better – We all know what it’s like; it gets to dinner time, and we have no idea what to make and no real motivation to make anything at all – apart from hunger and, if we live with others (particularly children), the need to feed them as well as ourselves. The same lack of motivation can be with older people, but if they live alone, they don’t have others to persuade them to cook, and they may not feel hungry either, as this does sometimes happen with age. So they skip a meal, and this is bad for their health.

If you want to ensure you can prevent this, why not help their meal plan? When you meal plan, you’ll know exactly what to cook each day, and you’ll only buy the things you need. It saves time and money. If there is time, they could even batch cook and freeze some portions, so they always have something to eat.

Of course, it might be that they can’t cook anymore or just don’t want to. In that case, it might be worth looking into assisted living in MA to help ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Check The Utensils

Just because an older person isn’t eating well, that doesn’t automatically mean they no longer want to cook, or they don’t feel hungry. It could mean that they are having trouble using the utensils they need to eat and make food with. This might be due to a condition like arthritis, for example, which often affects seniors.

Check in with them to see if that might be the case, and if it is, look at the different utensils you can buy. There will be plenty that are made specifically for people with motor skill issues and who can’t grip too well. This could be all that’s needed to give your loved one a new lease on life.

Potion Control

If you notice that your senior loved one isn’t eating all that much, it could be a portion issue. This is especially true if you all live together and you’re the one making the food for them. Older people have to eat healthily, but they don’t need to eat as much as younger people do because their bodies use the energy from food in different ways. Therefore, it might be that you are putting too much food on their plate, making it seem as though they’re not eating enough even when they are.

Try offering smaller portions and see if this helps. Not only will it show you that they are eating, but it will stop them from becoming too overwhelmed by the amount of food of Seniors Eat Better on offer (which, no matter how tasty it might be, can be off-putting), and, if they are still hungry, they can become aware of this and ask for more.

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