June 17, 2024

Types of Neurological Disorders – 2024

Neurological Disorders – The nervous system inside a human body comprises the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves that spread across the whole body. The basic fundamental unit of the nervous system is a neuron, that is, a cell. All the information is carried through neuronic networks throughout the body in the form of electrical impulses.

Any kind of disease which affects the functioning of the brain, nerves or the spinal cord may have disastrous effects when it comes to the overall functioning of the body, and these defects are known as neurological disorders.

Doctors from the top neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore notify that neurological disorders may be abnormalities in the nervous system of the structural type, electrical type or chemical type. Some of them may even cause the patient to consume medical drugs and get treatments for a long period of time, sometimes a lifetime.

various kinds of Neurological disorders


This is a progressive neurological disorder that appears slowly in the beginning and develops with time. The brain starts to shrink, and brain cells die. It causes episodes of forgetfulness in the patient who is suffering from the same.

The very early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease seem normal and do not appear to be major. Early stages may include experiencing slight forgetfulness of conversations or daily events in one’s life.  With time, as the symptoms progress, one may start to forget even the basic aspects of their life, from very personal events to daily activities. As the situation progresses, a patient may start to become completely dependent on others for a living. Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of people around the world, and a cure for the same has still not been found. Various support groups do offer help to the patients and their family members.


When the walls of an artery become weak, they form a bulge inside the brain. This bulge is at risk of being exploded, causing fatal internal bleeding in the patient. The root cause of an aneurysm is still not known, but blood pressure is known to be related to one of the causes of the same. Many times, an aneurysm stays unnoticed for years and causes death immediately.

Sometimes, a person may feel dizzy or light-headed at times, and it can be cured only with the help of proper care and diagnosis, like from the top neurological hospitals in Bangalore. Through CT scans, an aneurysm can be detected and treated depending on its condition and stage.


Sometimes, there may be an accumulation of cells or mass inside the brain, which may grow with time and also exert pressure on the skull. In most cases, it is life-threatening because the skull is a rigid structure, and the brain is a sensitive organ. The collection and growth of the cells inside the brain may be cancerous or non-cancerous, and this forms two different types of tumors that could be formed inside the brain.

Symptoms of a brain tumor may include headaches or dizziness in the beginning. With time, one may start to experience very localized pain in the brain that signifies the local growth of cells. Some may even feel the pressure exerted inside their head.


The human brain is a very complex system that manages the functioning of the body through electrical signals. Even basic movements of hands or feet is the result of an electrical signal being sent from the brain to the limbs. Many times, there may be uncontrollable. Sudden and abnormal electrical impulses that may originate in the brain due to an underlying defect. This may cause sudden movements in the body or loss of consciousness. These are called seizures.

Epilepsy is a neurological defect that causes the patient to experience seizures frequently. In most cases, the cause of epilepsy is left unknown in the patients. Treatment of epilepsy includes proper medications and, sometimes, brain surgery.


Specific parts of the brain control and manage the body’s movements and balance. If there are any defects in this part of the brain, the person may begin to experience shakiness. Loss of balance and the inability to stand or move their limbs. This condition is known as Parkinson’s disease.

A lot of times, this is seen as a progressive condition in which the symptoms get worse over time. Tremors in the limbs, loss of balance, stiffness, speech changes and changes in the ability to write are some of the common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


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