April 14, 2024

Find Out What’s Involved In Getting an NLP Certification – 2024

NLP Certification – Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) involves using ideologies and strategies that successful people use to attain their objectives. To get this certification, an individual must get accreditation from International Coach Federation (ICF) and International NLP Association. Below is a module breakdown for the practitioner certification.

Module one: The Fundamentals of NLP Certification

This involves keeping your mind at work at all times. In this case, one must move his mind from the current state to a resourceful situation. Some basic requirements to achieve this include a change of behavior and an excellent mental condition, among others.

Module two: VAK Representational Systems & Eye Accessing Cues

Here, one must enhance communication with various people from different ethnic groups. Besides, it will be necessary to inspire trust and be in a capacity to understand others accurately. It will also involve comprehending the non-verbal communication styles.

Module Three: Rapport and Other People

Creating a harmonious relationship with other people is vital in this module. It will also involve mastering non-verbal communication and rapport to greater heights.

Module Four: NLP States

Self-control and overcoming negative emotions are essential in this module. A person will be required to forget negatives from the past. There is a good reason for one to be optimistic while learning new skills and acceptance of behavioral change.

Module Five: NLP Strategies

This module is about deciding with great confidence. It’s also about motivation and bringing onboard success via mental strategies.

Module Six: The Meta Model

This module entails comprehending difficult areas during the NLP certification process. It will also involve an individual dealing with his inner thinking effectively. Besides, it will be necessary to understand when to ask the right question and deal with situations without apparent answers.

Module Seven: Exploring Submodalities

In this module, a person will be required to have the ability to regulate his way of thinking. It’s also necessary to have a relaxed state of mind. One must try all means to overcome fear and take a step forward beyond all forms of bad habits. Another thing that will offer an individual a milestone in this area is self-confidence.

Module Eight: The Milton Model

Becoming a significant influencer and being able to persuade will be crucial in this module. One should also be able to lead others in implementing change. Here, one will also be required to engage people with different problems to offer some help as well as internal sources. Helping others in making the right decision is also essential in this module.

Module Nine: Creating Outcomes with NLP

At this level, one must write down with a lot of confidence what he wants to achieve in life. There is a need to have your ways of moving beyond any obstacle that comes your way.

Module Ten: Perceptual Positions

Any form of misunderstanding should be handled with haste. It is necessary to have great compassion and high levels of maturity at this level. Get also to understand what other people expect of you. One will also be required to make good decisions regarding relationships. Also, let go of relationships that repeatedly keep hurting you.

Module Eleven: Reframing with NLP

This is a more advanced level where one will be required to have the ability to create meaning where there seems to be none. Change of situations and even making them more productive than they were previously is vital at this level.

Module Twelve: The Timeline Technique

At this level, moving beyond your past is never an option but a requirement. You need to focus more on the future and change your way of thinking about the past to meet your needs easily. There is a need to write afresh about your future for greater prosperity.


Having understood our clear module breakdown, it’s high time you register for NLP certification. Start by enrolling for the NLP practitioner training online now!

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