July 16, 2024

Factors to Consider to Quit Smoking in 2024

Reasons to Quit Smoking

When looking for reasons to quit smoking, you can find number of them. And many of them can found in the first and most important health.

It will be enough to highlight some of them:

  • Smoking kills, so quitting will lengthen life expectancy.
  • Avoid cancer.
  • Tobacco identified as the cause of various types of cancer and Affects, especially lung, bladder, throat, or mouth, to name a few.
  • Improve cardiovascular health, improving blood pressure and heart rate, among other factors.
  • Avoid respiratory failure or diseases such as COPD.
  • Reduce the chance of respiratory tract infections. Improve fertility.
  • Not having erectile dysfunction problems.
  • Avoid early aging of the skin and the presence of wrinkles.

Health issues around us especially in family

Health issues around us especially in family

  • Turning people around us into passive smokers means putting their health at risk.
  • Secondhand smoke is even more harmful to your health like the one inhaled when you smoke.
  • If the woman does not smoke during pregnancy, it will reduce the chances of complications arising before or during childbirth, that the child is born with a low gait and that it present more health problems in the future than usual.
  • Depriving your tobacco smoke children will reduce the chances that they are more prone to allergies, asthma, and frequent respiratory infections.

Other Reasons to Quit Smoking

If health is not reason enough to quit smoking, there are still others to consider, which have to do with the quality of life:

  • Preserve the health of your pocket and checking account. A smoker of a pack a day (20 cigarettes) will save around 1,500 euros a year by quitting smoking.
  • This money can be spent on more comforting things like enjoying your free time with your family and friends better.
  • Improve the sense of smell and taste.
  • Better breath and oral health.
  • Improve the ability for physical effort.
  • Stop snoring
  • Have fuller and more comforting sexuality.
  • Not having to be conscious of tobacco and where you can smoke.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Free yourself from the burden of those closest to you always asking you when you are going to quit smoking, or that you stink of tobacco, or that you cannot breathe at home, etc.


For mainly smokers, you are quitting smoking results in one or more extraction symptoms. Changing your old habits is hard, especially if you’ve been inhale numerous times a day for years. Quitting smoking can be awesome. It may seem that your mind is trying to encourage you to start smoking again. However, nicotine extraction are temporary. tolerate the discomfort of seeing your symptoms as evidence that your body is recovering from the habit. Better days will come soon.

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