May 27, 2024

3 Skin Rashes And What To Look Out For – 2024

Skin rashes are quite a common occurrence throughout life. As such, it is important to have an idea of what to look out for. Knowing our body and how it looks is crucial as it means we can easily spot changes and notice when something is wrong. While a skin rash is not always a cause for concern, it is always a good idea to know what the signs are. That way when something does occur, you can seek the appropriate medical advice. Many skin rashes present themselves in different ways, and you should always pay attention if you get a new rash. Again, may not necessarily be serious, but it is always best to get them checked out just in case. Within this article, we will discuss a few different skin rashes, what you need to look out for, and what some of the treatments are.

Nappy Rash

First on the list of rashes to discuss is nappy rash. Nappy rash is a skin rash that you most likely have heard of as it is very common during childhood. As the name suggests, this skin rash occurs when a baby is wearing a nappy and the nappy irritates the skin. It can also happen if a baby has been left sitting in their nappy for too long. As a parent, it is your responsibility to look after that child as they cannot look after themselves.

So, you must make sure you are frequently changing your baby, so they are not left sitting in their soiled nappy. Leaving your baby like this can cause them serious pain and discomfort, so make sure you are keeping an eye on when they go to the bathroom. Nappy rash can also be caused by washing powdering or bubble bath irritating the skin, so make sure you are using sensitive products that are especially designed for babies.

Nappy rash presents itself in a very obvious way as a rash around the nappy area. Sometimes if the rash is hidden by the nappy itself, you may not notice it at first. This is why it is important to pay attention to how your baby is behaving and take note if they look like they are in discomfort. If they look like they are in pain, then take the nappy off and check the area. Even if you are very careful with changing nappies, nappy rash can still occur, so remember that it is not your fault. All you need to do is add a layer of nappy rash cream at every nappy change, and you will start to notice a difference.


The next condition we are going to talk about is Lupus. lupus is a condition that can cause rashes over the body, particularly the nose and cheeks. As well as these, people who suffer from lupus will experience pain in the joints and muscles and can also feel overwhelmingly tired. Unfortunately, lupus is a long-term condition that currently has no cure, but there are some treatments that can help with the pain, which we will get into shortly. People who suffer from lupus may also experience mouth ulcers, chest pain, hair loss, and headaches.

In terms of treatment for lupus, often ibuprofen is recommended as this is effective in reducing inflammation. Steroid tablets, injections, and creams can also be prescribed to someone suffering from lupus as they can help to reduce some of the kidney inflammation that can come with the condition. As lupus affects the skin, it is recommended that you do your best to protect your skin and wear sunscreen and hats during the day.

Heat Rash

The final rash we are going to discuss is heat rash, or prickly heat. Heat rash is very common and can affect anyone at any age. When our bodies get hot, we start to sweat in an attempt to cool down. Heat rash occurs when these sweat glands are blocked, and the sweat can’t get out. Heat rash will appear as small, raised bumps, often on the arms or the legs. You will likely find you develop heat rash after being out in the sun for too long, hence the name. The rash is not contagious, but it will likely be very itchy and hot to the touch.

Heat rash can be treated in very simple ways. Firstly, if you notice heat rash on yourself, then make sure you remove yourself from the sun and go somewhere cooler. Stay out of the sun for a while and take a cool shower to lower your body temperature. Make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated, as you would have lost a lot of fluids from sweating. And, most importantly, make sure you are always wearing sunscreen when you go out in the heat. If you know your skin cannot handle sun for a long time, then take regular breaks in the shade to cool yourself down.

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