May 22, 2024

The Ideal Gifts For Smokers – 2024

Cigarettes Smokers – When it comes to thinking of the ideal gift for a loved one – whether that be for Christmas, a birthday, or just as a general thank you – it becomes much easier if that person is a smoker as it opens up so many more ideas and avenues.

For those of out there who are currently in the process of looking for a gift for a smoker, we have done some research for you and listed some of your favorites below as inspiration. This is of course not an extensive list and you may find something else yourself that is much more suitable for your particular loved one.

CBD Cigarettes

Cigarettes containing the plant extract hemp are the latest in a long line of CBD based products gaining popularity right now. Typically they come in 20 packs and have similar filters to regular cigarettes. It is what is inside them that differentiates them, as they contain either a certain strain of CBD or an industrial grade hemp. Although there is some THC in there as well, there is not enough of it to have an intoxicating effect. CBD gummies are a great accompaniment to these cigarettes – you can buy cbd gummies online here.

Cigarettes – Box of Cigars

With cigars there is so much choice, you have industrially manufactured or hand-rolled, Nicaraguan or Dominican Republican, strong or mild tasting – the choices are almost endless. However, regardless of what type you go for, a box of cigars makes a timeless, classic gift that will be much appreciated by any smoker. They can be enjoyed with a fine whiskey or brandy with family or shared amongst friends at a bachelor party.

Chewing Tobacco

What was once a main stay with baseball players, truckers, cowboys and general manly men across the United States of America. However, as times have altered, it has become trendy again to consume chewing tobacco and has seen a resurgence within the alternative hipster crowd looking for something different to smoking. With this younger demographic of people being more health conscious, there has been an increase in the sale of fake chewing tobacco, which is actually free from tobacco.

A Lighter

Cigarette lighters come in a range of different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes so you should be able to find one that is perfect for your loved one regardless of what their personal style is. For that extra special someone, you can even have a heart felt message engraved into one so that they will always remember you each and every time that they go to light up a cigarette or cigar. Some of the best and most well recognised brands include Zippo, Coleman, Scripto, Clipper, Calico, Lotus, and Alfred Dunhill.

So there you have it, these are some of our favorite gifts for smokers. Granted they may not all remain suitable for your particular loved one, but there should be at least one there that they would like to receive as a gift from you on a special day.

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