May 27, 2024

5 Strategies for Hiring Remote Healthcare Employees – 2023

Remote Healthcare Employees

Remote Healthcare Employees – The success of your business relies heavily on the quality of your employees. Finding quality employees has always been challenging for healthcare providers. Now a global pandemic has forced employees to work remotely. This creates new challenges for hiring agents. Amongst the new challenges is the new dynamics of the hiring process.

Navigating the virtual workplace is challenging. And, the virtual hiring process is no exception. The task can seem intimidating and daunting. But if you know what you need, streamline the interview process, and create a successful virtual workplace, you will find your way through the challenges. Read on to learn five strategies for hiring healthcare employees to work remotely.

Know What You Need about Remote Healthcare Employees

Matching the right applicant to the right job is especially challenging when hiring for a remote position. Make it easier on yourself by understanding the skills needed for the open positions. When making your list remember to include both experiences and skills you want in an employee. Remember to include both hard and soft skills on your list.

Seek Experience

Most remote healthcare employees work on their own with little oversight. Because of this, you need to ensure the employee knows what they are doing. This is why previous experience in the field is critical for a remote employee. You want your new employee to feel comfortable working remotely. One way to make this happen is to ensure they have the experience for the position.

Soft Skills

Do not focus on hard skills alone. It is important to hire a remote healthcare employee that has good communication, a good attitude, and good personality traits. Good communication skills are essential for remote employees. Working remotely can be stressful at times. So you want a remote employee that has a good attitude and can handle the stresses of working remotely.

Request A Recorded Video

You can save yourself time by requesting a recorded video. This allows you to focus on qualified candidates. You can save yourself hours of interviewing time if you are able to remove unqualified candidates from your list based on their video resume.
Ask the applicants for a short one to two minutes video of themselves. And also, ask them to include a short description of their experiences and education. Ask them to tell you why they are a good fit for the position. Maybe ask them to include a fun fact about themselves. Or, ask them to tell you about their hobbies and interests. This will give you a better sense of their personality.

Virtual Interview

It is a good strategy to use a virtual interview when hiring remote healthcare employees. A virtual interview allows you to maintain social distancing, as suggested by the Center for Disease Control. And if you are conducting the interview from your home, you can be maskless. This will allow you to be better understood by the interviewee when asking them questions.
Your future employee needs to be comfortable using the technologies required for remote employment. A virtual interview gives you the opportunity to see their familiarity with technology. With that being said, remember that technical difficulties happen. And, sometimes interruptions are unavoidable no matter how much effect was taken to prevent them. In short – be understanding.
Virtual interviews have positive and negative sides. On the upside, virtual interviews help prevent the spread of infectious disease – an important attribute during a worldwide pandemic. A downside to a virtual interview is you lose the personal interaction. During a virtual interview, it is more difficult to read body language and other small clues that may give insight into a person.

Tip on Conducting a Virtual Interview

  • Chose a video-conferencing platform you are familiar with
  • Perform a test run before the interview
  • Ask questions about their interest, community involvement, and hobbies – this gives you a sense of their personality
  • Keep the mood light and friendly
  • Express understanding if interruptions occur

Get to Know Them Socially with Their Media

It goes without saying that you will perform a background check on your new employee. However, this becomes extremely important when hiring remote healthcare employees. Consider this – you will, probably, never meet your new employees in person. For this reason, it is important to be diligent in checking their references and credentials.
Another way to get to know the applicant’s background is to check out their internet presence. You can get a good sense of a person’s personality by how they present themselves on social media. Take a few minutes to search for the candidates on the internet and explore the results.

Success After Hiring Remote Healthcare Employees

Successful employment requires good communication on your part. To begin, in your offer, set clear expectations for what you want out of their position. This is necessary because the expectations for remote healthcare employees will be different from those of an in-person employee.
Training the new employees in groups will help build a sense of being part of a team. The new employees will get a chance to meet others and start to build a working relationship. This helps remote workers feel less isolated and more like team members.
Your remote healthcare employee is more likely to succeed if you build a working relationship with them. The remote employee-employer relationship is as important as it is for in-person employment. Developing this relationship can be challenging due to the nature of remote work. One suggestion is scheduling weekly one-on-one video conferences.

Ready to Go!

Using these five strategies for hiring remote healthcare employees is a recipe for success. Know what experience and skills you need. Weed through unqualified candidates by requesting a video resume. Become familiar with the process of conducting a virtual interview. And get to know the interviewees better through their social media presence.

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