December 1, 2023

Styling Tricks Make You Look More Elegant in 2023

Got up on the wrong foot in the morning and just no outfit wants to look good? No problem for these simple styling tricks that conjure up any look more elegantly in the twinkling of an eye.

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Sometimes time is just too short and not enough for extensive styling. Nevertheless, you want to look stunning and elegant at dinner with your friends or a cocktail date with your crush.
There are simple styling tricks that make you look more elegant in no time so that the chic look works even with a busy schedule.

Trick 1: Sunglasses


They exist the accessories that make you look better immediately. At the top of this list are sunglasses. If there is not enough time for the perfectly fitting makeup, small mistakes can covered with the shades. And when you go inside, you can stick the accessory in your hair – then it becomes a piece of jewellery on your head.

Trick 2: Hat

Some days are just a bad hair day. You try hard, and still, your mane looks like a bustle. Best tip for such times: put on an elegant hat. Different models are always popular, but a fedora is a classic and still looks chic.

Trick 3: Statement Jewellery

Real eye-catchers enhance every look. Statement jewellery can be of great help here. But it would help if you didn’t overdo it with the hanger. An eye-catcher and small accessories are enough to complete and enhance the look, you can easily find them at

Trick 4: Throw It Over and Don’t Overdo It

Why put on the blazer, jacket, or sweater the right way when you can put the garment on in an elegant way? Because that’s precisely what the fashionistas do on Instagram. While this simple styling trick might not be the warmest, it is sure to add an exciting touch.

Trick 5: Parting in the Middle

If you want to focus on your hair when styling and give it more nobility, you should use an accurate middle parting. If you wear this in combination with a deep-seated, heavily sleek horsetail, nothing stands in the way of a tasteful appearance.

Trick 6: French Tuck

French what? For everyone who only understands the train station: The French tuck is a fashionable term in which the upper part casually tucked into the lower part. The important thing here is to put it in first and then pull something out again so that it falls loosely. At the back, the T-shirt can flutter loosely over the waistband.

Trick 7: Use Neutral Colour Gradations

Even if colour-blocking is hip in fashion right now, where bright colours and strong contrasts used, the following applies to an elegant appearance: it is better to use soft colour gradations in neutral tones. For this, the upper and lower part should worn in the same colour family or similar shades. Because there are no strong gradations or interruptions, the vertical body line emphasized, which immediately makes you look chic.


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