July 16, 2024

Wallpaper In Your Home to Express Your Style? – 2023

Wallpaper at Home

Wallpaper may alter a room, but it can also be a costly error. Keeping this in mind, we asked the experts for their best recommendations.

Does Wallpaper Have On The Atmosphere Or Ambiance Of A Room?

Stripe wallpaper has the ability to create a really distinct mood in a space.” Incorporating it also demonstrates good attention for the available area. Florals are particularly effective at creating a sense of peace in a place, which is why wallpaper is so popular in bedrooms. In my work, I’ve discovered that it may also become an emotional aspect of a house.” Honor Addington, Honor Addington Wallpapers creator and designer.

“Wallpaper has a significant influence on the appearance and feel of a space because it provides depth, texture, and color. It’s pretty dramatic in many respects – a seemingly little alteration with potentially significant consequences. There’s also the added benefit of no intrusive construction work – it’s such a simple modification.”

Style It Up

If you’ve been in a variety of single-family homes, you know that style is the key to making them more livable. Choose stick on wallpaper that represents a certain theme to help you add uniqueness to your home. Perhaps you’d want to use a bright color scheme to break up the monotony of a white wall.

A vivid blue and green pattern may give it that one-of-a-kind appearance, but you still have some discretion in creating a neutral tone for the rest of the home. The contrast gives it that extra taste you need to stand out from the crowd. Experiment with backdrop lighting and light colors for your blinds, chairs, and other furnishings.

Are There Any Guidelines For Scale, Pattern, And Room Size?

“Huge spaces were traditionally supposed to be better at taking big, striking designs.” However, experimenting with size may greatly enhance the individuality of a space. Larger graphics on the wall may look great in downstairs loos, while little flower themes look great in spacious bedrooms.”

“I agree That a space does not have to be large to accommodate a pattern.” Some of our favorite wallpapers have been utilized in the smallest basement restrooms. I’m not aware of any rules about pattern scale or room size – if they exist, I’d probably violate them anyhow.”

“However, if the area is limited, I believe that the busier the wallpaper pattern, the better – it’s what generates genuine impact.” And absolutely wallpaper all of the walls, not just one.”

Design Eye-Catching Bookcases

While this does not necessarily improve the appearance of your walls, it may be an excellent addition to your accessories. Wallpapers may not be appropriate for all rooms. You do, however, have bookshelves that lean against the walls.

Your study may seem to be a drab jumble of books and wooden bookshelves. With some unusual wallpaper designs, add some flowery components to the bookshelf. Some flower and rose prints might provide some color without clashing with the overall theme of your house.

Perhaps you have a room dedicated to sports memorabilia, complete with bios, limited edition cards, and other items that need the use of bookcases. You may decorate that area of your home with a football or basketball motif. It gives you a fun appearance that your athletic buddies would envy since they don’t have these tiny modifications in their houses.

What Are You Going To Do With The Architraves And Skirting Boards?

“It’s advisable to paint them a color that complements the colors in the wallpaper.” However, we have recently noticed customers interested in reintroducing wallpaper borders – very 80s style! We’ve made a handful and tested them by putting them just above skirtings and around entrances. Borders are a wonderful cost-effective, quick method to bring patterns to a space if you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe or scared you’ll change your mind.”

“Architraves and skirting are fantastic places to experiment with color.” You can go big if you’re feeling courageous – I’ve lately seen bright red skirting boards matched with my Wild Strawberry Wallpaper. Alternatively, for a bedroom, keep it light and soothing with a more neutral backdrop tone.”


You may not be able to afford pricey artwork. However, some high-quality wallpaper featuring your favorite products might add an aesthetic touch to your house. Allow the wallpaper to inspire your creativity.

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