May 27, 2024

Debunking the Common Primary Care Doctors Myths – 2023

Primary Care Doctors – The increase in health conditions has made most people take more control of their health. Among the many measures they undertake, having a primary care doctor is the most common. Even though most people want to have a primary care doctor, they usually delay when seeking one. Dr. Andrew Chow is a primary care doctor with vast experience, having worked for many years. If you are willing to seek primary care services, the following are the common myths you should quit believing.

You should only see them when Sick

Some people have built a culture that they should only visit a specialist when sick. Even though it is important to go to the doctor when you are sick, it is also important to go for regular checkups even when you do not feel sick. After visiting the doctor, the doctor will conduct your wellness exam, which could help to identify the health condition early, offering the best treatment.

Any Health Professional Qualified to Perform Primary Care

Some people believe they can contact every healthcare professional for primary care services. However, it is critical to understand that for a person to become primary care, they have additional qualifications. For instance, after completing medical school, the person will have to have another three years of family or internal medicine residency. They will then be required to pass an examination licensed by the state for a given practice of medicine.

Primary Care Doctors are Expensive

Most people look for a way to reduce the cost they have been incurring. Since most people believe that primary care doctors are expensive, they have avoided them for a while. However, this information is false regardless of being believed by most people. Even though the cost of this care could appear to be high in the short run, it is low in the long run. Since primary care doctors offer you both treatment and preventative care, they reduce the risk of suffering a disease in the future. This process will save you from the huge costs you could have invested in treating the disease at later stages.

The Primary Care Doctors Only Give Out Referrals

 Some people have criticized primary care doctors for offering referrals rather than treatment. However, since these doctors are well-trained, they rarely give referrals to specialists. In most instances, people who visit primary care doctors rarely visit a specialist. These doctors only give you referrals when you are suffering from an extreme injury that requires a specialist’s attention.

You do not Need a Prime Care Doctor since You Can Google Your Symptoms

Some people have substituted the role of the doctor with Google. However, every person should know that even though Google has a lot of information, this information is not personalized. Besides, even though the information is there, you require experience to interpret it. You should know that Google can never substitute the primary care doctor’s role.

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