July 16, 2024

Why Podiatrists Are Recommending Arch Support – 2023

Arch Support –  Nowadays, arch support thongs are also being sold separately, great for those who still want or need them but don’t have them in their shoes. The main purpose is to reduce the onset of pain and alleviate symptoms of discomfort that come with foot problems you may be experiencing.

PodiatristsThe way an arch support thong is structured goes back to the very premise of what an arch does to your body. While small,  that part of your foot  bears your body’s weight and absorbs the shock when you’re moving and walking. There’s no contour to the arch on hard surfaces, thereby resulting in foot and pain issues. This is where an arch support thong comes in.

To better understand the benefits of arch support thongs, here’s a list of the key reasons podiatrists recommend these.

It Helps With Pronation

Pronation happens when you’re standing, and your weight falls towards your toes. Because of this action, your foot then flattens out. The ankles roll inward to absorb and tolerate this type of motion. Over time, pronation can lead to wear and tear on the feet.

On top of the effects on your feet, pronation may also lead to pain in the spine and the back because of the unnatural twisting position it creates.

With an arch support thong, those injuries and pain in the spine and back can be prevented. This is possible through the ability of the arch support thong to keep pressure off your foot, so that it can maintain its natural shape.

It Helps Distribute Pressure On Your Feet

When your job entails walking in heels, traveling, or doing an outdoor job of heavy physical work, you may be one of those individuals who visit your podiatrist regularly, complaining of the pain. This is expected when the pressure on the ball of your feet and the heel isn’t evenly distributed.

With good arch support, the pressure on your feet can now be more evenly distributed. Your arch support thongs can significantly reduce the fatigue you may experience when you’re walking the entire day.

It May Improve Your Posture

As briefly discussed above, any discomfort or pain in the legs can rise to the back and the spine. In effect, your posture and sense of balance may also be affected. Small as it may be, proper arch support thongs can also bring in an even support, therefore addressing posture and back concerns.

When you aren’t so distracted by pain and discomfort in your body anymore, you may find that you can go through your day better. Your balance is great, and your productivity increases with less pain.

It May Help With Plantar Fasciitis

If your podiatrist has diagnosed you as one who suffers from plantar fasciitis, then having arch support thongs in each pair of shoes will be a must for you. Plantar fasciitis refers to a foot condition that contributes to arch pain.

For individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis, this means that their plantar fascia is swollen due to tension on the foot’s tissue and being overextended. When this stretching extends to a long period, the tendency is to have small tears grow on the top. This leads to inflammation, discomfort, and pain.

Wearing arch support thongs is required to alleviate some stretching and friction on the plantar fascia. This will prevent pain due to plantar fasciitis, but it may also help prevent the worsening of your condition.

It Creates A Good Foundation On Your Feet

Another reason why some individuals may suffer or complain of pain in their feet is because of crummy foundation. This means that the foot’s arch isn’t supported correctly. This leads to discomfort and several other painful foot conditions apart from plantar fasciitis. You can provide a better foundation for your feet by wearing good arch support thongs.

One of the best features of arch support thongs is you can easily insert them on your feet. This makes it easy to adjust according to your foot’s needs.


Perhaps you’ve long heard of the term ‘arch support’ many times in the past, but have you really understood what it meant?

If your podiatrist has recommended you to wear one, then it’s for you to trust that it’s only to your advantage that such advice was given. The foot’s shape was designed to walk on soft surfaces. On the daily hard surfaces, however, the feet need extra support in the form of arch support thongs. When you’re asked to purchase one, choose from a good brand. Therefore, you can be certain that the [arch support] thongs will benefit you rather than the other way around.

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