June 18, 2024

5 Common Things Parents Should Know About Scoliosis – 2023

About Scoliosis – Over the years, humans have discovered numerous conditions affecting the spine. At the top of the most diagnosed spine conditions is scoliosis. Scoliosis occurs when the spine is curved or twisted to the side. Although this condition can affect any person at any age, it is frequently experienced by children between the age of ten to fifteen. Fortunately, scoliosis does not always cause any other health issues or discomfort. Many people diagnosed with scoliosis are capable of having a normal life. Scoliosis Las Vegas specialist Dr. Patrick S. McNulty can address this problem with the necessary treatment. Continue reading to check out the common things parents should know about scoliosis.

Not All Scoliosis Patients Require Treatment

It is typical of patients to think they will be required to undergo treatment for their scoliosis. However, this is only the case for some patients. Only 30% need bracing, while only 10 % of the patients require surgery. Therefore you need not worry when your child is diagnosed with scoliosis.

Children with this condition who are still growing will be installed with an external torso brace to prevent scoliosis from worsening as the child continues to grow. Luckily, the bracing will not hinder your child from doing the same activities as their peers.

Early Diagnosis Is Important

Every parent is responsible for ensuring their child has regular health checkups. The checkup aids in the early diagnosis of conditions such as scoliosis and in ensuring that the problem is addressed early and accordingly.

Early diagnosis before your child has a growth spurt will enable your doctor to recommend a treatment plan to ensure your child’s spine does not curve further while growing. Usually, scoliosis patients have uneven hips or shoulders, with a painless condition that can hardly be seen unless a routine checkup or physical exercise is done.

Scoliosis Might Be Inherited

When your child is diagnosed with scoliosis, one of the reasons might be it was inherited. It is normal for parents to deny these results saying that no one in the family has scoliosis. However, the truth might be that someone had scoliosis, and the patient did not even notice. Nonetheless, your child may also be the first to experience this condition in the family.

Numerous Scoliosis Cases Have No Known Cause

It is no one’s fault when your child is diagnosed with scoliosis. Currently, there is no reason behind the cause or prevention method for scoliosis. Although bad posture and heavy backpacks cause many spine conditions, they do not have the same effect on scoliosis.

If Required, Surgery Has Good Results

Accepting that your child undergoes surgery after your doctor recommends it is very difficult. However, the surgery should be performed earlier because only a little of the spine requires to be fused, making the surgical procedure simpler. Furthermore, the family’s support during the child’s recovery is crucial. The recovery plan normally takes two months at most.

Do not overlook even the mildest warning signs of scoliosis, such as neck or back pain. If you suspect you or your child has scoliosis, contact McNulty Spine for an expert diagnosis and individualized care plan for your concerns. Call the Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, office or request an appointment online to get started.

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