May 23, 2024

Possible Solutions For Varicose Veins – 2023

While not necessarily dangerous for the health, varicose veins tend to look quite unappealing for the eye, which is why most people want to get rid of them a completely. Here are a couple of procedures that can help you remove varicose veins, in order to restore that normal look on the affected areas.

Why do varicose veins show up?

Before we mention the possible solutions, it is important to understand where varicose veins come from. Nearly thirty percent of the population are affected with varicose veins, with women more than men. As we age, the veins that are more visible in the legs slowly emerge to the surface, which makes them more visible.

There are various factors that make this happen, such as pregnancy, genetics, but the most common reason is prolonged standing. In most cases as it was mention, this is not a dangerous condition, but it can be painful. You can find more information about this condition, and the following solutions at, or you can consult with your local professional.


If you are suffering from smaller accessory veins, then sclerotherapy is the best option for you. It will prevent their deterioration into larger varicose veins that will bulge on the surface of the skin. Of course, sclerotherapy can also remove larger varicose veins, however, there are better options.

During the procedure, a solution is injected into the vein through a small needle, and the solution replaces the blood in the vein. This generates irritation and corrosion of the walls on the blood vessel, and with that, the body imitates the healing process and the vein eventually decomposes.

Taking care of varicose veins today is easy

EVLT – Endovenous Laser Treatment

EVLT is an effective treatment for larger veins, such as the small saphenous vein or the greater saphenous vein. When compared to sclerotherapy, the main advantage is that it has a much faster recovery time on larger veins.

During the procedure, a fiber-optic probe is inserted into the vein, and then the probe projects a laser light that heats up the vein along its length, which makes it shirt and eventually triggers the healing process due to the newly generated collagen.

EVLT – Endovenous Laser Treatment

Modern solutions will make your legs look normal

Varicose vein surgery

When it comes to the solutions for varicose veins, this is probably the least used solution. As it does not have advantages on the previously mentioned methods. While it can be used for smaller veins, it is most often used for larger veins.

The biggest disadvantage compared to the previous two methods is that after varicose vein surgery. You will definitely have to stay in the hospital, and during the procedure, you will also undergo general anesthetic. This is considered a traditional way to remove varicose veins, and it is rarely done today.

Final word

While sclerotherapy and EVLT are modern solutions that offer the best recovery time and results. Sometimes clinics simply do not have the access to these solutions due to the cost of the equipment. Or the staff lacks training, which is why finding a clinic which offers them is highly suggested.


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