April 14, 2024

5 Types of Abuse To Keep An Eye Out For – 2023


Abuse can be overt and happen in plain sight, or it can take on more subtle cues and be hard to notice at first glance. This article will cover the different kinds of abuse that people can encounter so that you can protect yourself and find safety or help someone else who may be in need.

Abuse is any type of treatment that comes from other people or oneself that causes injury or damage; it hurts the mind, spirit, and often the body. It goes against the teachings of the Savior and the laws of society. Those who have been victims can be of any age, sex, and origin. They may be the least able to protect themselves, such as children, people with disabilities, or older people. The Lord condemns abusive behavior in all its forms: physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional. Unfortunately, anyone can be abused. Understanding what abuse is can help you talk about, recognize, react to, and heal.

1. Physical Abuse

When people think of abuse, physical violence like hitting, burning, restraining, and countless other actions usually come to mind first because it’s something that’s aggressive and can potentially be life-threatening.

However, despite this, the act of it can be hard to notice to those on the outside, since domestic violence typically happens behind closed doors, but by being aware of signs like bruising, wounds, and malnutrition.

2. Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be considered a type of physical abuse; however, due to the nature of the subject and some other caveats, it warrants its own category whenever abuse is discussed.

This form of abuse can be summed up as unwanted sexual activity or touching, and unlike physical abuse, sexual violence isn’t as easy to detect unless someone reports it.

3. Emotional Abuse

3. Emotional Abuse

Someone doesn’t need to lay a finger on another individual to be still considered abusive; people can maliciously use their words and tone of voice to threaten, intimidate, coerce, and manipulate others.

Other forms of this can include social isolation, not granting privacy, not allowing one to speak and express themselves, and preventing one from pursuing their wants and needs.

4. Financial Abuse

One of the most common forms of abuse observed in domestic violence cases involves money or material possessions, and it’s typically seen alongside physical and emotional abuse. Usually, an abuser will attempt to control all of the financial resources so that their victim can feel dependent on them.

However, other types of financial abuse are present such as stealing money, committing identity theft and other fraudulent activities, not allowing one to have a bank account, and even preventing them from working and furthering their education.

5. Neglect & Abandonment

Being deliberately left alone can definitely cause physical and emotional damage, but like sexual abuse, the topic of neglect and abandonment is often talked about independently as its own.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a child or a disabled adult, an individual who is neglected or abandoned requires care and attention, and they can’t meet their needs on their own. People who are subjected to it might seem emotionally detached and distrusting of others and can often find themselves in unhealthy relationships.

Additional Abuse Resources

Spotting the signs of [abuse] can be challenging, but by educating yourself further on the issue, you’ll be more aware and possibly help another individual in need or yourself.

You’ll also be able to learn how you can connect to a licensed counselor or therapist who can advise you and give you ways of coping with [abuse] and, hopefully, find safety. Online therapy is confidential and discreet and can give you the tools you need to overcome [abuse] and find happiness instead.


Understanding the different kinds of [abuse] that people can deal with can potentially save your life or someone else’s, and hopefully, the information here has opened your eyes and made you more aware of the many faces of [abuse]. Nonetheless, with support and careful treatment, people can find ways of healthily coping with the trauma and moving forward to a better future.

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