May 27, 2024

Why People Don’t Talk About Hair Loss – 2024

Hair Loss – There’s always a joke in movies where an older man will have a very noticeable toupee but still insist that it’s his own hair. This common trope while guaranteed to get some giggles, is actually reinforces the idea that hair loss is something to be ashamed of. Hair loss is something that impacts more than 80% of men and nearly 50% of women, so this ailment is definitely common. Some people like to look at permanent solutions like jetting off for the best hair transplant in Turkey. Others may look at alternative methods like using natural remedies. However, there is thing about hair loss that is often overlooked, and that is that people don’t like to talk about it. So, if you’re curious why hair loss is still such a taboo subject, keep reading and find out why people don’t talk about hair loss.


Lots of people have a sense of pride and they hold themselves against this standard. Hair can be a very defining quality of a person, so when it suddenly changes, you may lose that feeling of pride that you once had over it. Both men and women will experience this emotion in regard to their hair as it can be an attributing part of their personal style. A lot of people take great pride in their hair and love looking after it, wearing it in all sorts of different styles, and showing it off. If you suddenly lose that, you may feel like a completely different person and find it hard to talk about as you feel too proud to admit that your hair loss has affected you. However, losing your hair is nothing to feel bad about and it will happen to everyone eventually as they age. No matter how little hair you have, you should feel proud of yourself and your appearance, and feel free to discuss the changes in it too.


Hair loss is a sign of aging in most cases, and some people may feel extreme shame if they lose their hair prematurely because of this. Hair loss in younger people is actually pretty common, so speaking about it will actually reduce the stigma around it and make it more socially acceptable. Shame is a common feeling, especially amongst men when it comes to hair loss. This is because a lot of manly attributes are focused on youthfulness and strength, so losing their hair might make them feel ashamed of the man they believe they’ve become. If you feel ashamed of something, then you probably won’t want to talk about it. However, the more people don’t talk about it, the more shameful people will feel. So, instead of letting emotions of shame wash over you, speak freely about your hair loss to your loved ones and their support will help lift you back up.


Women are still very likely to experience hair loss, and it can be caused by a number of factors like alopecia, hormone imbalances, or even stress. A lot of women’s beauty standards are all about having long, healthy hair, so if you lose that then you might feel embarrassed about your appearance. It’s quite common to see men with bald heads or thinning hair on top, but it’s not often you see women like it. So, if you’re trying to deal with this new look, it can be hard to not feel embarrassed about it and feel as though you look like an older man. But this is definitely not the case at all, and no woman should be made to feel as though she’s anything less than beautiful just because her hair might not fit with what society thinks she should have. Don’t let feelings of embarrassment hold you back! Go out there and enjoy your life with or without your hair!

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the biggest reasons people won’t want to talk about hair loss. It’s a delicate subject, and you never know how comfortable someone is with speaking freely about their experience. When you lose your hair, whether or not you were that concerned with it in the first place, it can still impact your confidence and make you feel like a different person. Getting used to this look can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but low self-esteem seems to be the one that sticks around. If you don’t feel confident with your hair loss, then you probably won’t feel comfortable talking about it as you won’t want to draw anymore attention to it that you think it already has. However, most people won’t actually be paying any attention to your hair and will be much more focused on your personality and what you have to say. So, don’t let your confidence keep you at rock bottom and start expressing your emotions regarding your hair loss and you’ll soon find that you feel much better about it.

Lack Of Knowledge

People who suffer with hair loss might not want to speak about it, but it’s also tricky for those who aren’t to speak about it too. If you saw someone who had clearly lost their hair, the last thing you’d want to do is make them feel uncomfortable. So, rather than have a conversation about it, you simply say nothing, and the other person spends the time worrying that you’re thinking about it. Not knowing how to approach the subject of hair loss can make it super difficult for you to break the ice. However, the best thing you can do is ask any questions in a gentle, polite way or simply wait for the other person to bring it up. The discussion doesn’t even have to be that deep and personal either. Making light of the situation can help the person suffering from hair loss feel more at ease and comfortable around you. We can all learn more about hair loss, but we’ll never do that if we don’t talk to each other!

Society is pretty good at overcoming taboos, but there is still quite a stigma around hair loss that forces people to keep quiet about it. However, more people should speak about it and discuss their journeys. We’ll probably find that a lot of people experience the same issues and self-confidence problems. But by talking it out with each other, we can hopefully move towards a world that’s much more accepting of hair loss.

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