June 17, 2024

Avoid Potential Nail Salon Hazards – 2024


Salon – Visiting the nail salon is a great way to pamper yourself and practice a bit of self-care. However, things can quickly take a turn for the worst if the salon doesn’t follow proper protocols, putting you at risk of numerous health hazards and potential infections. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure your salon visit is an indulgent time and not a scary one. Follow these tips below to avoid potential hazards at your next salon visit.

Check for Salon Licensing

While salons need to be licensed to legally operate, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone follows the rules. One of the most important things you can do is check for licensing when visiting a new salon. A licensed salon requires nail technicians to have specific training, not just to provide a beautiful manicure, but also to manage a multitude of health related issues associated with nail services so they can safely and properly care for your nails.

Don’t Go to a Salon with Any Open Wounds

If you have any open wounds, cuts, or sores, it’s best to skip the nail salon and potentially go to a doctor instead. Having broken skin puts you at a higher risk of contracting bacteria, fungi, or viruses and the possibility of getting acetone or other chemicals into your wound can be extremely painful.

Don’t Shave Your Legs Before a Pedicure

Shaving can create small micro-tears in your skin making it easier for bacteria, disease, and other irritants to enter into your skin, especially if you happen to knick yourself. To play it safe, it’s best to skip shaving the day of your appointment and wait until after you return home from the salon. I promise, your nail tech isn’t going to mind a little leg stubble.

Let Your Nail Tech Know of Any Allergies

Nail products like acrylic and gel nails can contain quite a lot of irritating chemicals so it’s important to let your nail tech know if you have any allergies or preexisting conditions that could cause issues during your service. These chemicals could potentially cause allergic reactions and irritations that could potentially be prevented.

Ensure the Salon uses High-Quality Products

Many salons may try to lower their costs by using cheap products that contain toxic chemicals and ingredients that can cause harmful side effects and irritations. Make sure the salon you’re booked in at uses high-quality products that are non-toxic. High-quality products like SNS use non-toxic ingredients that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin, and they also formulate their products with healthy nutrients that actually improve nail health with every application.

Determine Salon Hygiene and Cleanliness

Before sitting down for a nail service, it’s important to determine the cleanliness of the salon as well as their equipment. A tidy, well-cleaned salon will be more likely to be hygienic when it comes to their tools and equipment as well. Watch closely or ask how they sanitize tools, and if they incorporate single-use tools.  An unhygienic work station and tools puts you at risk of contracting all kinds of infections and diseases. It’s important the salon uses proper sanitization protocols for their equipment and throws away single use tools after each use.

Skip the Callus Shaver

Naturally, we all want to leave our pedicure appointment with smooth, callus-free feet. While it may be tempting to get the callus shaver add-on treatment, it’s best to stick to pumice stones and foot files instead. Callous shavers can be very invasive and have a greater chance of cutting the bottom or sides of your feet which can increase your risk of, you guessed it, bacteria and disease from entering into your skin.

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