May 27, 2024

Acne Myths That Prevent You From Getting Clear Skin – 2024

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what you are doing wrong for you to be unable to get rid of the stubborn acne on your face? You tried everything under the sun, including hiding from it and yet, no clear skin anywhere. Unfortunately, you have been following the wrong advice.

Everyone, at some point in time, experienced an acne breakout which led them to believe that they are experts in the field, giving them opinions on the subject. However, not everything you hear is positive, and you should not experiment with the information. Certain myths are complete mumbo jumbo. Here are a few myths you would be better off not following if you plan on getting clear skin. While we are not providing information on clearing your skin, we are pointing at a few things that do not make a difference.

Wash Your Face As Much As You Can

You will not miraculously get clear, glowing, acne-free skin by spending hours with your face under a running tap. It is true that when you wash your face, it works to reduce bacteria, but you should not go overboard. Washing your face twice a day is more than enough. Washing your face more than that can do more harm.

Avoid Chocolate If You Have Acne

No, you don’t need to sacrifice your sweet tooth for flawless skin. Although there is a connection between acne and your diet, it isn’t fair to single out chocolate alone. Any food that has a high glycemic index can enhance blood cortisol levels which can affect acne. Bottom line, you can still eat chocolate as it is mostly the dairy and sugar that is added to it that can worsen acne. As long as you go in for dark chocolate that contains 70% or higher cocoa content, you are good to go.

Toothpaste Does The Trick

Have you ever heard about putting a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed but wake up to find the horrid looking pimple still there the following day? We have news for you. Toothpaste and other household items, for that matter, are not safe to use on your skin. In some cases, the fluorides present in the toothpaste can make matters worse. Restrict using toothpaste only to sparkle those pearly whites, please.

Exfoliate Every Chance You Get To

Picking or scrubbing your skin is not the best way to get rid of a scar. Just like washing your face too often, scrubbing your face very hard is not the solution to your acne issues either. Scrubbing your acne can lead to inflammation which can ruin your condition further. Exfoliate every once in a while, no more and no less.

Using Sunscreen Can Clog Pores

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of sunscreen. Physical sunscreens reflect UV rays and chemical sunscreens that absorb UV light. The latter causes irritation to the skin, which in turn leads to breakouts and inflammation. The former, on the other hand, can do you good, using owing to zinc oxide which is a common active ingredient in physical sunscreens. Zinc oxide can destroy acne-causing bacteria. To know the kind of sunscreen you are going in for, simply check the ingredients on the sunscreen label.

Avoid Using Makeup

Most people consider using makeup to hide the pimple or the general acne that they might have. Makeup will wreak havoc with your skin if you use all the wrong products or if the products have passed their expiration date. You will not have any issues with foundations that are lightweight and oil-free. Be mindful of removing your makeup at night before going to bed too. Here is when you can wash your face to remove any makeup and oil.

Using Hair Products Do Not Affect Acne

Unfortunately, the opposite is correct, and some hair products cause issues with skin. There is a term given to the condition known as ‘pomade acne’. When the oils from your hair products come in contact with your face constantly, you tend to develop a specific type of acne. You are more likely to experience these acne problems if you have side bangs. To make sure you do not experience pomade acne, refrain from using products with petroleum jelly. Pick water-based products over oil-based ones.

Pop Your Acne At The Right Time

You should not touch your pimples and acne at all. If you leave a whitehead alone, it can heal within three days. However, if you pop it, the same whitehead may take months to go away. Popping causes trauma to your skin which can further cause inflammation and even infection. It can be quite tempting to pop a pimple as soon as you notice it, particularly when a whitehead is ripe, but here is the time when you need to practice self-control.

Now that you know the facts from the myths put them into action. After all, knowing what you are doing wrong when dealing with your acne is the first step to dealing with pimples the right way.

Changes During The Pandemic

With a lot of time on their hands during the Coronavirus lockdowns, either since they lost their jobs or working from home, people started experimenting with their health. They were now spending a lot of time at home, using the internet to understand the changes that were taking place to their skin so they could reverse engineer and fix them.

When it came to hiring, there were a lot of changes to the process and companies that were working in health care were working with the public. They had to make sure the people they were hiring did not have a criminal record. Additionally, they were reviewing the work they did and could only get information about their past through a background check. There were multiple third party websites and platforms that were handling the changes that were coming about. Background checks were followed by most employers especially in essential services. These were the people who were working with the public so there could not be any issues there.

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