February 27, 2024

The Top Three Advantages of Assisted Living – 2024

Assisted Living – When it gets to that time of a loved one’s life when assisted living becomes a necessity, make sure you have already planted the seed concerning options. If you have talked with them in advance, you will have been able to control and steer the conversation and possibly even hand over brochures or do a virtual visit or two. It is an irresistible decision to make but, if your loved one requires some assistance and still wishes to remain independent, assisted living is the perfect option.

Help with Assisted Living

Whether your loved one requires occasional assistance or daily help with incontinence management. An assisted living facility is equipped to help them lead their best lives. Nurses and trained staff are on-site at all times to assist with any emergencies or requirements. This includes medication management and coordinating doctor’s visits, whether these are on- or off-site.  This is a huge benefit that takes the stress and financial burden away from home caregivers who often experience loss of income due to the time required for caring as well as costs involved in adjusting the home to accommodate an elderly person. Wheelchair ramps, safety locks and grab bars are not cheap home additions.

Elderly people have unique and varied nutritional needs. Dietician-approved meals are provided by the chef and cater for a variety of specialized diets including diabetic, high cholesterol, low-sodium, high-fiber and kosher. They will no longer need to prepare their own meals as all is provided including snacks. This is a more beneficial option in ensuring that your loved one remains healthy. However, should your loved one request it, some deluxe units will have a kitchenette containing a full-size refrigerator, allowing them to enjoy both comfort, variety and convenience.

Medical Care, Safety and Security

With trained staff on-site, all medical needs are attended to quickly and efficiently. Should their needs change over time. These situations are easily assessed and further arrangements can be made for memory care or skilled nursing care. Assisted living facilities are designed to minimize the risk of falls. Your elderly loved one will not have to think about their security as all this is taken care of. Facilities will employ security companies and have alarm systems fitted. Disaster preparation is also taken care of and your loved ones will be guided and managed should anything occur.

Furthermore, assisted living facilities have complete assistive features. Such as hand grabs and stair railings, to ensure the residents’ safety and security. Visual and audio assistive devices, like Brails and hearing aids, are also available for patients with disabilities. In addition, they also have advanced technology mobility equipment, such as folding electric wheelchairs, automated lifts, and ramps.

Of course, licensed security guards are also available with in-depth knowledge of strict security protocols and surveillance monitoring. Choosing an assisted living facility with 24/7 security personnel is recommended to ensure peace and order in the area.   

Stimulation and Recreation

Social interaction is imperative for your elderly loved one and this is well-provided for at places like McKnight Place – a senior living St Louis MO facility. Dedicated staff ensure that the spirit of camaraderie and community joy is thriving amongst the inhabitants and that no one gets bored.  Retirement is the perfect time to pursue new hobbies or rekindle old ones. Movie nights, communal gardens, art and music classes, book clubs and games tournaments are some of the activities provided at various assisted living facilities. Life-long learning assists with retaining cognitive skills. Guest lecturers can even be brought in to speak to a group about topics like art history or flower arranging.

Supervised safe exercise programs also cater for people of all abilities. This will keep your loved one healthier for longer, improve cognitive function, and is another great social activity. 

Seniors can also play sports like modified basketball, badminton, and chess. These activities can help combat boredom and slow the signs of aging. Memory games, like puzzles and trivia cards, are also available to help seniors improve their memory and cognitive skills. 

Assisted living facilities also have one-on-one and group counseling to promote good mental health. It’s an excellent way to encourage seniors to talk about their thoughts and feelings to prevent depression and other psychological disorders. Some facilities even contact families for family counseling to help them become more united and involved in the care of their senior loved ones. Family counseling is also a great way for residents to spend time with their loved ones they haven’t seen for quite some time.

Retirement and aging should be a happy time without having to stress about any extra care you may require. Home maintenance and chores, or shopping and cooking for yourself. Thankfully, assisted living provides all these services and more.

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