February 27, 2024

Common Shaving Mistakes You Must Avoid – 2024

It has probably happened to everyone before that the skin was irritated after shaving. For example, many women regularly depilate their legs, and men sometimes shave their beards every day. If the skin is irritated, the reddening or even injury makes it look unattractive and uncomfortable: Burning and itching are common side effects. It is best to allow the sensitive areas to rest for a few days before further hair removal not to increase the irritation. This is how the skin can heal best and is ready for the next, gentler shave.

It is important to have suitable equipment for a shave and take proper care of the skin before and after – this is the only way to achieve silky smooth skin. However, the following mistakes often made when shaving, which leads to redness.

Not Preparing the Skin for the Shave

Not Preparing the Skin for the Shave

Usually, you want to get the shave over with quickly, but you should take your time to achieve a good result. Often people forget to prepare the skin for it properly. Wash them with warm water and exfoliate gently to prevent ingrown hairs.

Use the Wrong Razor

The duller the razor used, the more likely it is to cause skin irritation, as the blades no longer slide smoothly over the skin. It is, therefore, important to replace the razor blade regularly. It also makes sense to use a razor with several blades, as this is also gentle on the skin. If you still have reddened skin problems after shaving, it is better to switch to an electric razor. There are even models that are waterproof and suitable for a wet shave.

Do not use Shaving Foam.

A wet shave considered to be the gentlest shave. To do this, apply shaving foam after cleaning, let it take effect for a few seconds, and start hair removal. The foam allows the blades to glide almost smoothly over the skin. In contrast to shower gel or soap, this softens skin and hair and makes shaving much easier. In addition, shaving foam usually also contains nourishing ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin as soon as you shave. After hair removal, the shaving cream washed off.

Cleaning the Razor Incorrectly.

After use, the blades should clean thoroughly with cool, clear water. You can shake the device to dry it, but never knock it against a solid object such as a washbasin – this also applies while shaving: This can cause the finest cracks in the blades, which can negatively affect the shave. It would be best to place the razor upright in a holder or cup provided for it. This is the fastest way to dry it, stays sharp longer, and does not rust.

Drying the Skin too Roughly

To dry the skin, gently pat it dry with a soft towel. Often you dry yourself in a hurry, quickly and with too much friction – no matter how gentle the shave was, it is not good for the skin afterward and leads to irritation.

Don’t Take Care of Freshly Shaved Skin.

After shaving, many people forget to take care of their skin. When shaving, the top layer of the skin is heavily stressed, and it loses moisture, which can give back through special aftershaves. Such products are available in liquid form, as balms or creams, and they have a calming, regenerating, and mostly anti-inflammatory effect. If you have sensitive skin and want to use a normal cream instead, you should make sure that it does not contain any fragrances. Otherwise, pimples can appear on the skin.

The necessary of Beard Care

This is the everyday routine of careful beard grooming:

  • Cleaning with water and proper shampoo or soap
  • Proper trimming and shaving to keep the look you want
  • Shave away individual hairs, for example, on the neck
  • Use conditioning oil to achieve shine and suppleness in the hair
  • For longer beards, combs, and brushes for a great impression
  • Use styling products for grip and shape depending on the period of the beard


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