May 27, 2024

Benefits of Eating Spanish Olives – 2023

The olives The Spanish are fashionable in the food market of the tapas, and the Spanish olives are typical of Spain and irresistible snack. The Spanish olives are the typical tapas that they take out on the terraces of all the bars to accompany the refreshing beer. A shelter that is wherever it is, sweeps. And it is not for less, because the Spanish olives are more than delicious.

The  Spanish olives are the perfect ingredient for terracing the Mediterranean. For this reason, olives have a various variety of different modalities and Spanish olives are not far behind—the olives The Spanish are positioned as one of the brands most popular in our country.

Much talk about Spanish olives, but little to know what they are.

What are olives?

The olives, also known internationally as olives, are collected fruit of the olive tree. The olive tree comes from Asia Minor and Greece.

When we tell of fruit, we refer to the eatable part of a plantation or tree surrounding the seed. That is why olives considered a fruit because they perfectly meet this requirement.

The olive is fruit like other fruits, such as peach or cherry development. Furthermore, we can see the olives on the labeling of some olive oils, in this way it is specified that they are made under a »fruity flavor».

The development of olives and the Spanish olives is between June and October. From this month, until January, they are harvested and used for the production of oil, while the special olives for consumption are collected previously and by hand, in this way, the fruit itself is not damaged.

The olives naturally have a peculiar bitter taste, somewhat unpleasant. For this reason, seasoned olives are most popular in Spain. Its conservation is based on brine. In this way, it loses the bitter taste and is flavored with different ingredients: herbs, lemon, garlic, onion, etc. These ingredients give the Spanish olives the perfect touch to be consumed, thus preserving for longer.

Olive oil

The real truth is that Mediterranean gastronomy would be somehow different without olives and olive oil.  Olive oil is the juice extract from olives, and olive oil is used as cooking fat and as a salad dressing and sauces because its flavor is rich and easily recognizable.

Olive oil is a vegetable oil for cooking use. It is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, that is, from olives or olive . Almost a third of the flesh of olives is oil.

That is why the olive oil is extracted through the pressure of the olives. Tasting olive oil is like appreciating the different flavors between the different varieties of olives.

Benefits of Eating Olive

The benefits of eating olives are vast, ranging from a healthy brain and heart to beautiful skin and figure. Its powers are attributed to the dose of nutrients that they inject into the body, such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.

If you are one of persons who like to take advantage of your time and have a picnic on the sand or in the shade by the pool and, in addition, you like to take care of yourself, we give you three magnificent recipes for healthy flavored olive snacks.

Below, we’ll walk you through the reasons why you should start eating more of them, along with additional information to know about them. Ready to start?

Olives Fight Anemia

Yes, its properties are included in the foods that fight anemia. They are distinguished by their high levels of iron, which restore the stability of hemoglobin in the blood. This improvement in red blood cells will also make you feel more active.

Olives Balance Cholesterol Levels

Olives are high in fat, but not all of them are evil! A good part of its lipids are unsaturated and are made up of omega-3, omega-6, and other fatty acids beneficial to the body. It’s regular (and controlled) consumption reduces cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and prevents hardening of the arteries.

Olives Strengthen our Defenses

This fruit is ironic in vitamins A and C that boost the immune system, defend the body from external damage, and improve cell function. It recommended consuming 5 to 7 pieces a day to take advantage of its qualities.

Olives Improve Digestion

Yass! Olives provide a large dose of fiber, ideal to promote digestion. Thus, its nutrients cleanse the colon, detoxify the digestive system, improve intestinal transit and say goodbye to constipation.

Olives Help You Lose Weight

Being a source of fiber and water (75% of its pulp is liquid), they are very satiating and, above all, low in calories! Studies t indicate that consuming a serving of olives before a meal results in slower digestion and a feeling of fullness.

Olives Reduce Stress

And not only that, they also control anxiety and improve memory. Because what is it? With polyphenols and thiamine in its content, which reduce oxidative stress in the brain and calm the nervous system.

Olives Improve Your Skin

olives in the diet are key to smoothing the skin, preventing wrinkles and enhancing radiance. The combination of antioxidants and vitamins E and D in this fruit stimulates the regeneration of dermal cells and protects from the sun’s rays.

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