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How Cashews are Helpful in Building Muscles – 2023

When it comes to building muscle mass, nutrition is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors. Choosing a diet that works with your body plan is essential because it will help you reach your goal. However, your progress can and will falter without proper nutrition. Numerous foods can help you gain muscle mass. The ones that happen to be protein-packed allow our muscles to recover and grow after a period of activity – one such food that is often overlooked is the cashew nut.

Benefits of Cashews

Like all nuts, cashews are a splendid source of protein that happens to be one of the three macronutrients our body uses to produce energy; more importantly, it is crucial for building muscle tissue. A good plus point of including more protein in your diet is that it makes you feel fuller, so you do not end up eating between meals and throwing your diet plan out of the window. Although there are numerous kinds of nuts containing an adequate supply of proteins, cashews are a relatively better option because their nutritional content is more balanced. Cashew nuts contain approximately 18 grams of protein per 100 grams. The amino acids provided by these nuts do not just help in building and maintaining muscle mass, but they also happen to be the basic building block for any new muscle tissue that is produced and as well as for the renewal of muscle cells.

Furthermore, cashews are also rich in carbohydrates, amongst other nutrients. About 100 grams of cashews contain approximately 30 grams of carbohydrates. Being the primary source of energy for the function of the human body, it provides the power to work our muscles and store the excess sugars in glycogen, which can be further used. Hence, cashews can be used for an energy supply that works over a prolonged period, which helps prevent fatigue and aids in boosting physical performance. Carbohydrates are essential for building muscle mass because they act as a sacrificial energy resource. This means that the body tends to use the stored glycogen for energy consumption instead of protein, which means that no muscle tissue is broken down to obtain energy. Consuming cashews after a workout will help prevent muscle mass and contribute to repairing the muscle tissue.

Are cashews good for bodybuilding?

Cashews also happen to have a higher carbohydrate content compared to other nuts. On top of the many nutrients that cashews have, they are also rich in healthy fats. A hundred grams of cashews have about forty-four grams of fats. The whole concept of fats and the effect they have on our body is widely misunderstood. They are so much more important when it comes to building muscle than one might think. The fat that a person eats and the fat stored on their body are not the same. Including cashews in our diet means a diet rich in healthy fats, which will also increase the levels of healthy cholesterol in the body. This leads to more hormone production, leading to greater production of essential amino acids in our muscle cells. Even though the outcome was an increase in protein production levels, the credit goes to the fats for building healthy muscle mass. At the same time, fats also happen to be one of the most energy-rich nutrients (more than twice of proteins and carbohydrates each). This means that even though cashews are a good source of healthy fats, moderation is very important.

Since there is a high-fat content available in cashews, it makes them a befitting source to boost testosterone levels in the body. Even though testosterone is an essential factor in increasing muscle mass, that will not happen on its own. This is because a high testosterone level needs to be coupled with a suitable level of working out your body. Consuming cashews and not exercising will simply lead to increased body fat without any significant increase in muscle mass. That is why it is necessary to have a combination of healthy testosterone levels with strength training and exercise to have any positive changes for your muscles.

Protein Nuts to Boost your Muscle Gains

When you are bulking your body and following a high-calorie diet to build muscle, it is necessary to choose the right calories. Even though you need to achieve a particularly high calorie count daily, adding the right foods to your diet can go a long way. Cashews nuts are one of the best nuts a person can include into their diet regardless of whether they are bodybuilding or not. The key is to consume cashews daily. For the majority of people, a handful of these nuts tend to be more than enough. Cashews provide healthy calories because they consist of several minerals that are advantageous for the body. They are particularly helpful because you can snack on them throughout the day, and they take up little to no space in your stomach while helping you bulk up simultaneously.

All of this sounds so easy because you just have to visit the grocery store and purchase some cashews. However, the reality behind how these nuts are being produced makes you take a step back and think about where you should be getting your cashews from. It turns out that cashews are seeds that grow outside of fruit, which have to be handpicked off of it. Then the toxins on the seed have to be destroyed by roasting or drying, after which the nuts can be eaten safely. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare these nuts, which is why they come with a hefty price.

Certain companies import raw cashews in bulk from developing countries. This provides them with all the raw material they could need to process and further sell the end product in the market and make a considerable profit. Raw cashews come with a significantly lower price than those that have been processed, meaning the countries from where the raw material was imported make very little money. This is where some ethical companies jump in to provide fair trade cashews. These are cashews that are also sold in the developed countries, but the fair bit is that the workers of the developing countries are guaranteed a fixed price for their cashews, which means that the money they make for a living will not be jeopardized.

Last Words

The final say on the matter is always the consumer’s, but at the same time, it is our duty as fellow human beings to help the people that may not be as privileged as us. All in all, you can still get cashews to incorporate into your diet, and you can be a helping hand towards developing countries at the same time. Bulk buying can minimize how much you pay in the long run for cashews. Just be sure to buy wisely and avoid ending up with more nuts than you will need.


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