July 16, 2024

9 Tips for Sticking with Your Diet During the Holidays – 2023

Diet During the Holidays

Diet During the Holidays  – The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family. But if you have IBS, it can be hard to find foods that won’t trigger your symptoms. It can be tempting to abandon your diet during the holidays, but this isn’t the best way to deal with unpleasant symptoms. If you have IBS, it’s essential to be proactive about sticking to your meal plan during the holiday season so that you can manage any symptom flare-up. If you prepare yourself, you can eat a festive meal without feeling deprived and uncomfortable. So whether you’re following a low-FODMAP meal plan or just winging it on your own, here’s a list of nine tips for sticking with your IBS diet during the holiday season.

1) Stick to favorite dishes – If there are particular dishes you know will work for you, don’t try anything new. You’ll reduce stress by not having to worry about whether or not it will make you sick. It’s a great way to impress people as well, as you’ve probably had the chance to perfect the dish over time. Guests will be wowed, and your tummy will be just fine.

2) Be vigilant about portion sizes – It’s easy to overeat when everyone else around the table is doing so, too! So take smaller portions than what others are taking at the table. This way, if someone offers seconds on your dish, you can say yes to their offer without worrying about overeating.


3) Don’t overeat to start – People with IBS are often sensitive to eating large amounts of rich foods. If you go all out at first, you might pay for it later. To avoid this, don’t overeat during the first course of the meal. Instead, eat smaller portions, and focus on what you’re eating since there might even be some foods to avoid with IBS that you know aren’t right for you. Just because everyone else is eating more doesn’t mean you have to.

4) Don’t freak out when symptoms flare up – If your symptoms do start to worsen after a big meal, relax. It’s easy to panic and think it’s the end of the world when a sensitive stomach gets even more irritated with rich food. But don’t worry. If your symptoms are mild, they will likely ease up once the food is out of your system. So don’t feel guilty about taking it easy for a few hours after dinner with an episode of Netflix on the couch.

5) Have your IBS first aid kit at the ready – Whether you’re traveling out of town or attending a get-together down the street, it is handy to make a mini-IBS first aid kit to take with you. In it, you can include things like peppermint anything (gummies, teas, mints) to ease tummy troubles, activated charcoal capsules to help absorb some of the extra bloaty gases and bloating and some anti-diarrheal medication if it seems like you might go on a bathroom rampage. Don’t forget to pack it even if you don’t think you’ll need it. The worst case is that you’re glad it was there.

Diet During the Holidays

6) Plan ahead for meals – If you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner, see if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences that you can accommodate. For example, you could offer to bring along a side dish that will work with your meal plan. This way, you won’t have to stress about eating something unfamiliar. It also means there is one less ingredient in the mix that could potentially irritate your stomach. For a list of foods that commonly cause stomach issues, you can learn what FODMAP is and how it might affect you. Diet During the Holidays – This can help you identify safer choices and even form an ibs diet plan.

7) Bring your own snacks – If you’re attending a potluck at work or going to a party, then bring along some treats that will be safe for you. This way, if there isn’t anything available that is low-FODMAP or gluten-free, then you have your own little stash of goodies that won’t trigger tummy troubles.

8) Use a meal delivery service – Sometimes we need a little help, and that’s never truer than during the busy holiday season. Signing up for a service that offers a meal plan compatible with your needs can be significant. These programs deliver all the ingredients and instructions to your door. They will remove some of the stress of putting together a festive meal that won’t irritate your system. For example, by signing up for a Mediterranean meal delivery program, you’ll be able to eat delicious and festive meals without having to worry about any ingredients that could set off symptoms. Even better is the fact that many of these packages are even TSA-friendly, so you can enjoy a filling and flavorful Mediterranean diet meal plan on the go. How great is that?

9) Relax and have fun! – This is one of the most essential tips on this list. Don’t stress about finding a dish that works for you, having to defend yourself against constantly being offered something from the table or not being able to eat anything at all. It’s easy to feel like a party pooper when you have to constantly decline offers of a treat or a drink — but remember, there’s never a need to apologize for your sensitivities. You don’t have to explain why you’re not eating it, and no one should be offended if you have to pass on taking something home with you.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

IBS isn’t easy to live with, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays. Diet During the Holidays, So stay positive and be careful during this time of year. Before you know it, spring will be around the corner and your tummy troubles won’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

Happy holidays!

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