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The Most Common Mistakes when Drying Clothes

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Drying Clothes

Mistakes When Drying Clothes In The Tumbler

#1. Tumble Dry Everything

Not every material is suitable for tumble drying. Printed clothing, sneakers, rucksacks, and bags made of plastic, silk, foam, and wool do not belong in the tumble dryer. Look for the washing symbol on the label. The symbol with the crossed-out dryer means that it is better not to put the garment in the dryer.

#2. Incorrect Settings on the Tumbler

Pay attention to the various setting options. In principle, you can use the highest spin speed, as this is the most efficient. It takes less time and saves energy. But delicate clothing made of polyester, elastane, fleece, nylon, jeans, cotton, linen, and hemp should treated more gently. A gentler, less hot setting recommended here.

#3. Dry Different Clothes Together

Because of the different possible settings, it is important to drying clothes with a similar weight together. Otherwise, after the drying process, one piece is “overdried,” and the other is still completely damp.

#4. Leave Laundry Too Long After Tumble-Tumble

The dryer should emptied relatively quickly after the end of the program, and the laundry folded up. This way, you avoid crumpled clothes and don’t have to iron them too.

Air Drying Failure

#1. Do Not Unfold the Laundry

Before air drying, each clothing item should be shaken out thoroughly and restored to its original shape. This means that you only have to pull out the sleeves from the inside of the T-shirts. This avoids wrinkles and ensures even drying.

#2. Hang up Wool

With the clothesline, it is important to hang up your clothes and whether you hang them up at all. Wool and cashmere, for example, should be left to dry flat. Otherwise, such materials can be distorted and deformed due to the water absorbed.

#3. Leave Too Little Space between the Items of Clothing

Sufficient space for the laundry is also important for air circulation. The clothes should not hang too tightly together. They can dry faster and are sufficiently ventilated.

#4. Drying Laundry with the Window Closed

If you dry laundry in a room with the window closed, there is a risk that mold will develop. A load of laundry still contains between two and four liters of water. The evaporated water rises into the air and increases the humidity. The moisture settles on the walls and provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. To prevent this, it is best to keep the window tilted open while the laundry dries. Alternatively, you can ventilate the room for ten minutes every hour. The clothesline should placed near the window.


Helpful Reference: World Beauty Tips

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