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Wrinkle-free Outfits – Smooth Clothes Without An Iron

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Smooth Clothes

Many items of clothing need to iron after washing and drying before they can work. Otherwise, you risk walking around wrinkled and unsightly. You usually use an iron.

However, if you don’t have one on hand, there are other ways to get wrinkle-free fabrics. Sometimes there is even less effort behind it. Depending on the material, it is important to choose the right alternative to ironing, as not all methods are suitable for all fabrics.

Tumble Dry Instead of Ironing

Wrinkles in the fabric best removed with heat. You can apply this principle and use a hairdryer set to the highest heat setting instead of an iron. This method works best if you spray your textiles with a little water beforehand, then blow-dry and smooth clothes them out. This method is most effective on clothes that hang from hangers.

Use Straightening Irons

strighten irons

Anyone with a straightener designed like a blow dryer for styling hair can use it for ironing too. The narrow thermal surfaces of the straightening iron are particularly suitable for blouse and shirt collars. However, because hot surfaces reach high temperatures, they should never leave on any part of the fabric for long.

Important: Clean the device thoroughly before heating it so that no residues of hair products leave stains on clothing!

Hanging in the Damp Bathroom Air

You can also use some practical advice when traveling: hang crumpled pants, skirts, dresses, or blouses on hangers or clotheslines in the bathroom and let the shower warm-up. To avoid wasting water, this method best used when you still want to shower. The water from the shower should not wet clothes; the windows and doors should be closed. After a short time, this creates a high level of humidity and heat in the room, which means that the fabrics stick directly to the room after a while.

The result is not as perfect with all materials after ironing, but you will get much softer garments. To avoid mold, you should ventilate the room immediately afterward.

Ice Cubes in the Dryer

If you put your clothes in the dryer for about a quarter of an hour after washing, you can put two or three ice cubes in the drum. The heat during the drying process creates water vapor that increases clothing. A damp cloth can also achieve this effect. However, you should empty the dryer immediately after the process. Otherwise, new wrinkles may appear on the textiles.

As not all materials are suitable for the dryer, you should always check the manufacturer’s label beforehand. Fortunately, there are also plenty of alternatives that allow you to dry any garment and leave it soft.

Textile Sprays for Plain-colored Fabrics

There are special textile sprays that are supposed to guarantee wrinkle-free fabrics. Always follow the instructions and advice on the products before use. These sprays sprayed onto dry or slightly damp clothing from a distance of about 20 cm. Products often have a fresh scent. After spraying, gently pull on the clothes with your hands and let them dry when you hang them so the wrinkles will go away on their own in no time.


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