May 22, 2024

Edit your pdf reports with online pdf tools – 2023


Online PDF tools – PDF is no doubt one of the popular formats that are being used today by the majority of users across the globe. This format can easily protect and cater to text, images, and even video clips like a pro. Furthermore, the PDF format is also small in size if you compare it with any other format in this league.

If you want to preserve the quality & quantity of the document, this is the right format. Despite all of these pros of the PDF format, there are also some disadvantages to it. The biggest con of PDF documents or reports is that they cannot be edited if you have made any mistakes in them.

You must know that it is quite difficult to edit files in their set format, but you can surely make the edition possible with an online PDF editor or PDF converter tools.

In this traction, we would tell you about the best options you can consider for manipulating PDF files for free and without any hassle!

Best PDF editors for manipulating PDF reports

There are hundreds of PDF editor and converter tools that can help manage your reports, but we surely cannot discuss all of them in one post. So because of this reason, we have listed out the top-notch ones in this league!

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Thirty years ago, the platform from which PDF was introduced was known as adobe, so you will find relevant tools and managing features on adobe’s very interface. Adobe Acrobat is a separate tool that allows a user to edit all sorts of PDF files without any restrictions. Here you should know that adobe can stay used on all sorts of devices and operating systems. The free version can help you read the PDF file and highlight the mistakes in but for editing it, and you have to hook with the paid premium version.

  • Microsoft Word

If you’re looking for a simple editing platform for PDF, you should rely on MS word. The MS word format is utilized to create new textual-based files, but you should know that this platform can also be used for PDF editions. Here you must know that you would need the latest version of MS word for editing PDF files. If you have word 16 or 19, then all you need is to open a blank file.

Use the “FILE” option to get access to other options. In the File menu, you would see the “OPEN” option that you have to choose. In the open menu, you have to select the PDF file that you need to edit. Word would ask you permission to create a copy of the PDF file so that you can edit it in word. You have to give permission, and in the next few seconds, the PDF file would open in word format. You can edit the report from there and save it again in PDF.

Alternate Tools for converting and editing PDF reports!

The above-listed options would consume your time and your efforts, plus they can be confusing if you are not familiar with their advanced working features. Many alternate PDF converter tools change the format of your file to an editable format! We have discussed some of them below in this traction:

  • PDF to Word Converter by

The PDF to Word converter by is one of the simplest alternates for converting PDF files that you can find on the internet. The tool is quite simple and straightforward in its working, so you won’t need any practice or skills to utilize it. You have to open this utility  on your browser and navigate the online tool to convert pdf to word, you would find multiple uploading options to enter the PDF files in the tool’s main interface. After inputting the PDF files, all you have to do is click on the ‘convert to word’ button. You would get the editable version of the report in less than ten seconds. Edit the report and convert it back with the Word to PDF converter tool.

  • PDF to Word Converter by

The PDF to Word converter by smallseotools is another free and reliable resource that can remain utilized for changing the format of the PDF reports. You must know that you can use this tool online via the website, and you can also get the application version of it from Google Play or the iOS store. The PDF to word converter tool is very easy to use and has a very understandable and simple interface. You need to enter the PDF reports/files in the tool and download the converted word file from its interface. There are no limitations to using this tool, and you can change hundreds of files in a day.

This is how you can convert PDF to Word, edit the report according to your choice and then save or convert it again to PDF format for sharing/saving.

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