May 27, 2024

Style isn’t the Problem – Obesity is – 2023

Obesity – Lottoland is always happy to help any of their 6-million customers with tips on how to dress like millionaires. They are always gathering tips from professionals in their field to help people who just won the lottery learn how to look like they were born with money.

Lottoland is an industry leader in the online lottery and casino field. They offer more than 30 lotteries in the UK. They meet a lot of people who become millionaires overnight by winning the lottery. One of the first things these millionaires ask is advice on how to live, dress, and invest like the rich. They don’t want to just be rich, they want to look rich. Our professional stylists are always able to give them tips on looking wonderful without spending a fortune. But, when pushed, many will say that style is not nearly as big of a problem as obesity is. A stylist can make you look beautiful, but looking beautiful will not make you healthy.

Food is just fuel

One hundred years ago, there was no obesity problem in the UK. The obese person was rare. There also were no modern conveniences. You cleaned houses with brooms, mops, and rags. You put in long days in the fields to grow food for your family. Washing clothes was done by hand in icy streams and wet clothes were hung to dry, then brought in and ironed with heavy irons heated on a wood stove. The amount of energy a person spent daily would have made becoming overweight almost impossible. People knew the food was. Fuel to keep the body strong and moving. You had to eat good, healthy food to keep your body moving.

In our modern world of clothes dryers and clothes that do not require ironing, microwaves, television, computers, and smartphones, we have drastically reduced the amount of fuel our bodies need. It simply doesn’t take the maximum amount of energy to do what we do, but we still consume large amounts of fuel as if it did. We are not suggesting that modern technology is not wonderful, but physical activity has to balance with the number of calories you eat.

Breaking it down

Every food has a purpose. Every food provides something unique and our bodies usually need it. There is no enemy food. Fats are the most calorie-packed foods we eat. But eliminating all fats from your diet isn’t a healthy thing. Fats provide nutrients that the physical body cannot produce (like fatty acids). They help the proteins you eat do their job. They are a source of fast energy once you need them. It is the same with carbohydrates and proteins. These foods are needed. They are not the enemy.

What about treats?

Sugar has its place in the human diet. Sugar may be a fast burst of energy once you need energy, but sugar is exclusive therein it provides a mental boost. Professional dancers, gymnasts, and sports players agree we all need a treat sometimes. This is a mental reward for staying within the program 90% of the time. You should allow yourself a tenth window for sweets. Make room in your life for something special every now and then.

So why did we take carbs, fats, and sugars from our diets?

In simple terms, society began to slow down. We became more sedentary. We went from the fields to the office. Our kids went from swimming within the lake to video games. We slowed down but our food consumption remained. This created an obesity problem. Once a society has an obesity problem, the way to reverse it is to chop calories. The highly concentrated calories in fats, the nutritionally poor sugars, and therefore the quick-burning carbs had to be removed so we could reduce. Protein-rich diets help us control the obesity problem. But the truth is, you would like the foods nature provides. Your job is to find out how these foods work and use them as they’re intended to be used.

Eat carbs and limited amounts of fats before a workout. This helps you maintain your energy levels. Eat protein to rebuild your muscles. Learn the signals your body sends that allow you to know what’s needed and when.

The key to healthiness is to eat the foods you would like within the quantities your body can use. When you consume the fuel (food) burn it off. Exercise is required to use the fuel you gave it. Excess, unused fuel turns to storage, and the human body stores it as fat.

Eat smart and your body will respond. That includes treats from time to time. If you learn to balance the amount of energy you use with the amount of energy you consume, you will never have a weight problem. Your muscles will become stronger. Your internal organs will remain healthier, and you will sleep better. It is not a plague, it is a choice. It is my choice and your choice and our futures depend on the choices we make.

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