July 16, 2024

Electronic Stethoscope for Telemedicine – 2023

Electronic Stethoscope – One of the main problems with getting started in telemedicine is a lack of credibility. Many patients feel that a doctor is not qualified to treat them without seeing them face to face. That a simple conversation is not enough to make a diagnosis. Hence, the appearance of instruments such as the electronic stethoscope on the stage is essential. So far, they have only been used when the sounds are very weak or when the doctor concerned has hearing problems.

However, telemedicine has found a much better use for these types of wireless electronic stethoscopes. Further, improve a patient’s diagnosis when the doctor is many miles away. Maybe thousands. But how is this magic possible? If we told you everything you needed to know about telemedicine some time ago, today, we would go a little deeper into this beautiful tool. So the next time you hear someone say that telemedicine is unsafe, they’ll have more than enough arguments to ask you to check out!

Wireless Electronic Stethoscope

The stethoscope is one of the medical devices that we most often associate with healthcare professionals. It is the instrument with which you can hear the heartbeat and every kind of sound in your body. Therefore, it is difficult for us to think of telemedicine as a medical discipline in which physical contact with the doctor is zero. How are we supposed to believe the diagnosis it gives us? There are instruments today that enable this type of care without a single deterioration in the quality of care. A good example of this is the electronic stethoscope.

This device, previously mainly used by doctors with hearing problems. Has proven to be a real shock in the telephone hour. And why? Well, because it enables functions that we never dared to dream of before. Thanks to him, diagnoses are much more accurate, whether in person or online. They do not depend solely on the interpretation of the attending physician. On the one hand, because they usually leave no room for doubt, and on the other hand, they can be shared with another couple in case of doubt. As easy as sending an email with an audio file attached.

As usual, when we see the “electronic” surname next to a lifelong item. We don’t know what it can bring us until we try it out. So that you have no doubts before you even need it. We explain how it works and how it can help us save our lives!

How is it Used?

You should know that it is so simple to use that it doesn’t even need to be done by a doctor. The good thing about this kind of device is that the doctor can instruct a nurse, or even the patient himself. To change their position and get the results they want. Let’s give an example so that you can see it much more clearly:

  • A person who normally has health problems alerts the emergency services. Oftentimes, you will need a device like the digital stethoscope, so you already have one at home.
  • Instead of waiting for a medical team to drive you home, you receive an immediate call from a doctor.
  • Do a preliminary questionnaire and ask, if necessary. To take your wireless digital stethoscope with you and place it on a specific surface of your body.

And you might be thinking, “Okay, how does the doctor hear you on the phone?” Well, there are several ways to do this:

  • The first is to connect the wireless electronic stethoscope to a speaker.
  • Another option is to connect it to the doctor’s smartphone using a compatible application.
  • We can also record the auscultation tone and immediately send it to the appropriate doctor.

The latter way allows the doctor to send the sound to a colleague almost immediately for a second opinion. And how is it possible that some sounds are not confused with others? Because technology is wonderful. The electronic stethoscope has several modes that allow us to activate or deactivate the layers that are not needed, such as that of the lung sounds. In other words, an electronic stethoscope allows us to hear only what we want to hear, and that’s outrageous.

The Electronic Stethoscope, A Guarantee Of Safety

Maybe after everything we’ve told you, the electronic stethoscope still doesn’t completely convince you, right? What if we tell you the various auscultations can be saved as audio files so you can use them whenever you want? They remain in our medical records and could provide information about future problems. This is impossible with a conventional stethoscope! In addition, the clarity with which the doctor hears everything that happens in our body can avoid unnecessary visits to the specialist.

We already know that such consultations usually take a long time and, in many cases, are very unsuccessful. Why waste precious months waiting for a cardiologist when our problem seems to be with the heart, and it is not? The electronic stethoscope saves lives, saves us time, and saves administrative resources. Incidentally, the latter is also positive for us, because of this way the money is invested in the essentials!

We do not commend that you buy an Ekuore or Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope, the price can exceed 400 euros, and we may never use it. The only thing we intend with today’s post is that if one day you see that they are going to use it with you, don’t think they are making fun of you. Technology has arrived in the world of health and has helped make life easier while trying to stretch it out a bit on the side. Better to use it than waste energy making sure that when we are also wrong, it won’t help!

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