May 27, 2024

How Painful is Penis Enlargement Surgery? – 2023

In this guide we discuss whether or not penis enlargement surgery is painful.

General anaesthetic is used for penis enlargement surgery.

The methods used to carry out the procedure cause no pain to you as they are taking place. This is because you are asleep at the time.

After surgery and recovery, you should expect some pain or discomfort which will be normal as your body readjusts to getting rid of the damaged tissue.

During the first few days and couple of weeks following surgery, a patient is often prescribed antibiotics and pain relief medication, which facilitates healing and contributes to the success of the surgical procedure.

Remember not to get too concerned if you feel a little discomfort. Your genitals have been operated on so expect them to become swollen, sore, and bruised.

As enthusiastic as you will be to remain active and to keep up your usual daily routine, tolerance is necessary at this time.

After ten to twelve weeks or so the results of your surgery will be obvious. There will be a small cut at the base of the pubic area which will sealed with dissolvable stitches. These will fall out on their own during the first few weeks after penis enlargement surgery.

Always talk about pain control and how your body is likely to cope with such a surgery with a professional surgeon prior to deciding to have the procedure.

For further details and to ensure the technique is correct for you it is always a good idea to arrange a consultation before agreeing to the surgery.

The Surgical Process: What’s Involved?

Penis enlargement surgery typically involves one of two main procedures: penile lengthening surgery and penile girth enhancement surgery. In the penile lengthening surgery, the suspensory ligament is partially cut to allow more of the penile shaft to be visible, potentially leading to increased flaccid length. On the other hand, penile girth enhancement surgery involves injecting fat or dermal fillers into the penis to increase its circumference.

Final Thoughts

While pain is a natural concern for those considering penis enlargement surgery, advancements in surgical techniques and anesthesia administration have contributed to minimizing the discomfort associated with the procedure. It’s important for individuals contemplating this surgery to have an open and candid discussion with their chosen surgeon to understand the pain management strategies in place and set realistic expectations about the recovery process.

In conclusion, while pain is an inevitable aspect of any surgical procedure, the pain associated with penis enlargement surgery can be managed effectively through proper medical guidance and care. It’s crucial for individuals considering this procedure to prioritize their overall health and well-being and to consult with experienced medical professionals to make informed decisions.

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