June 17, 2024

Men’s Wear These Sneakers Now – 2024


They are comfortable, have multiple versions in every shoe cupboard, and simply look cool with every look: Sneakers are one of the most popular pairs of shoes. Read here what trends there are for men to follow.

Sneakers always work! Lovers have the right couple at home for every occasion. They are available in all designs and all possible colors. The choice is endless and making a decision is not always easy.

The creativity that is conquering trends in men’s footwear is giving rise to striking, original, and exciting proposals. This year, some of the most popular brands, such as Nike or Adidas, are joined by other brands more dedicated to specific sports shoes or with particularities such as their ecological commitment. Throughout the months, they have been leading sales successes and are highly demanded by the public.

So that men know what to look out for when shopping for shoes, we present some sneakers trends.

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1: Running Sneakers

Everything comes back at some point. This also applies to this trend. For several years now, sneakers in the typical running style from the 2000s have enjoyed great popularity. In 2020, the athletic kicks will remain in great demand.

2: High-top Sneakers

There is another way of doing things quietly. With high-cut models, you will attract everyone’s attention and make a stylish appearance. If you still feel slightly unsure about the ankle-high trend, you should first approach a plain-colored model. If you want to dare slight, there are designs in all possible bright colors.

3: Skate Shoes

Chucks or Vans used to be big sellers. And now they are in demand again. You don’t have to stand on the board every day to wear skate shoes. Even in everyday life, they look cool with casual outfits.

4: All-white Models

They always go and go with every outfit: white sneakers are a real classic! At least one all-white pair should not be missing in any shoe cabinet.

5: Luxury Sneakers

Eye-catching logos and elegant designs are their trademarks: If you want to upgrade your look with a little luxury on your feet, these models are the right choice. Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Gucci sneakers are very popular.

Men’s Sneakers of 2023

Adidas x Bad Bunny

Adidas has just confirmed the latest release for July: the Campus sneakers in collaboration with Bad Bunny. The German brand and the Puerto Rican singer have released a new colorway for this trendy shoe, which, beyond the ‘collab,’ is becoming very fashionable. It added that Chalky Brown (an earthy nude ) is one of the most wearable colors in the collaboration, making it a pair of sneakers worth investing in. Take advantage while they still cost 160 euros and remain in your size.

Kenzo DomeKenzo-Dome

It is the first sneaker designed by Nigo, the brand’s creative director, and it is everything we could expect. The Kenzo-Dome (named after the Palais de Tokio skate park in Paris) has a minimalist design that opens the doors to all kinds of reissues, and it goes on sale this May 30 in four brand-new colorways: pink, black, beige, and white.

Nike SB Dunk Low x JarritosNike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos

They are so good! Quench your thirst for style with the innovative Jarritos-inspired Nike SB Dunk Low. This customizable model is based on the history of these soft drinks and the canvas bags used to store the fruits with which they were made (from Mexico, of course). The heel includes the “Little Jugs” logo and incorporates the Nike and Jarritos logos on the heels for 119.99 euros at Nike.


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