April 14, 2024

True Lav 118 ml – Intense Color – 2024

True Lav: 310 CZK – New fashion color Color Intensity by LARISA LOVE

Our intensely concentrated pigments, which will help you create top results, will last up to 20 or more washes.

The mixable Color Intensity formula can be applied directly from the tube or mixed to the desired shade. Mix according to your needs, you have endless creative possibilities.

Bonus Advantage: No developer required!

Catalogue Number: L110

Category: COLOR INTENSITY – Temporary Intense Colors, JOI COLOR SYSTEM, JOICO

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What is True Lav?


Get the spectacular hair colour you want with Joico Color Intensity Love Aura! This semi-permanent hair dye comes in incredibly vibrant shades. Choose from trendy shades like mauve, passion fruit and maracuya! All the colors in this line can be mixed.

That Makes:

This hair dye works by depositing colour molecules in the hair strands. Does not lift hair at all. No developer needed! Color lasts 20 or more washes.

What else do you need to know about True Lav

Apply to pre-lightened hair for a natural look. The lighter your hair, the shinier the result will be. Use it as often as you like because this dye conditions as it settles, leaving your hair shiny and smooth after colouring.

Description of True Lav

Joico Color Intensity provides a rich, intense and long-lasting ultra-pigmented colour. The semi-permanent formula is enhanced with Kukui Oil and Quadramine Complex to nourish, smooth and optimize shine.

Peculiarities of True Lav

Bright and long-lasting colour.

moisturizing formula

add shine

It does not require peroxide

How To Use True Lav

  • Apply to clean and dry hair at 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) from the scalp.
  • Process 20 minutes
  • For maximum shine: pre-lighten hair before application
  • To increase shelf life: heating process
  • rinse well
  • The Clear Mixer allows you to control the intensity, creating any tone imaginable.
  • Customize your shades by mixing different hair colours from pastel to dark.


NO DEVELOPER REQUIRED Do not mix with Vero K-PAK® Color or Vero K-PAK Chrome. Wear gloves to avoid stains. Gently apply to clean, dry hair ½ cm (¼ inch) from the scalp. For maximum shine, pre-lighten your hair before using. Process 20 minutes

Why will you love True Lav?


An extraordinary intensity that lasts and lasts


Guaranteed healthier hair after each colouring

Ultra nourishing Kukui Nut Oil leaves hair beautifully hydrated

Enhances shine

Miscible shades = endless creative possibilities

* Depending on daily care, hair history, texture, and colour shade. Contact your distributor for more details.

Incredible shine that lasts and lasts

Reconstructs with Quadramine Complex to ensure healthier looking hair after each colour treatment.

Ultra-nourishing Kukui Nut Oil leaves hair superbly conditioned and enhances shine.

Mixable Shades = Endless Creative Possibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is peroxide necessary with this product?

No, this semi-permanent Lavender hair colour is meant to be worn alone.

What is the standard duration of this hair colour?

The intensity of the colour disappears after about 15 washes.

Will this product damage my hair?

No, its formula is enriched with kui-kui oil and Quadramine Complex to hydrate and provide a healthy shine.

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