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5 Natural Ways To Manage ADHD Symptoms

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ADHD Symptoms – Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a developmental condition that’s typically managed through medication, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t additional strategies that can be very helpful. This article will share some of the most practical ways people can find some relief for ADHD symptoms and start living healthier lives in general.

1. Physical Activity

Getting regular exercise is recommended for every human being and can provide numerous physical and mental health benefits to anyone. For those with ADHD, exercise not only helps people expend energy and decrease hyperactivity but also promotes the production of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine, which can directly benefit the brain’s attention system and increase a person’s ability to focus.

2. Nutrition

Another way people can potentially improve ADHD symptoms is by paying close attention to when and what they eat. For example, by avoiding blood sugar spikes, an individual can prevent their ADHD symptoms from being aggravated. Instead, a healthy and balanced diet with protein, complex carbs, and good fats can provide the body with a steadier source of energy.

3. Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can be challenging for people who have ADHD and take medication for it, but it’s crucial to try to maintain good sleep hygiene and habits, like avoiding caffeine and stimulating activities, like video games, too close to one’s bedtime. Having adequate rest will make it easier to focus and be more productive as well as reduce irritability and improve a person’s mood.

4. Scheduling & Planning

Making clear and predictable schedules and breaking tasks into manageable blocks of time can help people with ADHD stay on task and avoid distractions. It can help them understand expectations, such as meeting deadlines and what they can do to meet them. Technology, like timers or planning tools, can make life a lot easier for people with ADHD and should always be taken advantage of.

5. Therapy

Having support from others is excellent for learning how to cope with ADHD, but professional advice from a counselor or therapist who understands the condition can help elicit behavioral changes as well, like better self-control and discipline. By working on these skills and excelling, people will naturally also be in a better mood and have more self-confidence.

Additional Resources For ADHD

No matter if you’re a parent of someone who has ADHD or you happen to struggle with it yourself, it’s also worth looking into all of the educational resources you have available. BetterHelp is one place you should visit to learn more, and here, you can find free articles like this one that are centered around attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

For individuals with adult ADHD, you can also find information on how to connect to a licensed counselor or therapist who can provide you with professional advice on how you can keep your ADHD symptoms at bay and be as happy and productive as you can be.


All of the suggestions here can be a part of any long-term ADHD management strategy, and eventually, they can potentially be a permanent lifestyle change. By supplementing medication, these basic techniques can provide a lot of relief and should never be underestimated. However, despite being simple on the surface, it can take some time and practice to fully implement them and get them part of a steady routine.

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