April 20, 2024

Wellness Tea Benefits and History – 2023

Tea Benefits- According to legends, drinking tea originated in ancient China about 5,000 years before the coming of Christ. Their king, known as Emperor Shen Nung, was the one who introduced tea drinking. Historical has it that on a fateful day, he was sitting under a tree boiling water to drink when the wind blew a leave from a wild plant into his water. He fell in love with the aroma of the brewing water and decided to taste it.

Immediately, he felt some unfamiliar and warm feeling in his body as he drank the water mixed with the leaves. He said he felt he could taste the wellness tea benefits with the healing power revolving around his body. He named the plant from which the leaves fell “cha,” meaning to investigate or check. In 200 B.C, an emperor in the Han dynasty declared that a special written character indicating tree, leaves, and man in between them must be used when referring to tea. The word “cha” suggests that the tea brought a balance between the culture of the Chinese and human nature.

Tea and The Chinese Culture

Tea, to date, is an integral part of Chinese culture. They are not merely used as a medicinal substance but have become a daily routine for refreshment and an outstanding source of a pleasurable drink.

Drinking tea is now an essential aspect of Chinese cultural practice for over a decade. Even before the Egyptians built the great pyramid, tea had already become popular. Before Europe emerged from the Middle Ages, it served as a commerce item between China and the Asian nations. Even today, tea remains significant and well-liked in China and has come to represent its history, religion, and culture.

Tea as a means of entertainment and global empowerment

Students now compete to get into the elite and highly selective Shanghai Tea Institute. The top pupils will be required to play the Guzheng strings’ traditional instruments, carry out a special tea-serving ceremony, converse in a foreign tongue for international guests, and be able to identify over 1,000 different kinds of Chinese tea. Less than 75 students have received a certificate in tea art. The Tenfu Tea Museum, China’s Disneyland, is a full-fledged amusement park that celebrates the culture of Chinese tea drinking. Tea has also contributed to globalization by empowering many young talented individuals through the Shanghai Tea Institute. The government has established a better fiscal policy through tax payments from tea production companies and industries.

The Evolution of tea from China to other parts of the world

Tea drinking has greatly experienced a revolution around the world. Wellness tea benefits inspired tea-drinking, extending from the Chinese to other parts of the world, including America, China, Europe, Russia, India, North America, and Africa. Tea is drunk in almost every part of the continent because it serves as a medicinal substance and pleasurable drink; people tend to substitute tea for coffee and add it as part of their daily diet. Herbal tea, such as wellness tea, sugar balance tea, green tea, black tea, and yogi tea, has excellent health-promoting ability. Tea serves as a great source of income for the company producing them and the government due to a fixed rate of tax imposed on tea.

What to know about the tremendous healthy wellness tea benefits?

Drinking tea has become a great source of wellness as its benefits are tremendous. Tea leaves being blended has the power to help in maintaining healthy body function and promoting healthy food digestion.

A wellness tea benefits you by combining different natural and organic tea ingredients blended for enjoyment and fitness. It has no artificial color, caffeine, or is addictive. They are made from natural herbal tea leaves picked directly from the garden, well boiled, and steeped to produce that natural fragrance and satisfaction. Each wellness tea bag is packaged in a pyramid shape, making it convenient and easy to use.

What are the health and other great benefits of drinking a tea bag of wellness tea?

Wellness tea benefits you when you drink it daily. The benefits enjoyed by different herbal teas packed together in every tea bag are numerous. They include;

  • Aiding in digesting
  • Promoting healthy inflammation responses
  • Promoting healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promoting a healthy heart
  • Supports stress management

The list goes on and on, making wellness tea benefits appreciated, especially for anyone who wants a healthy and fitting lifestyle. Wellness tea benefits you, and drinking it will help encourage rejuvenation of the body and inner healing.

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