July 22, 2024

How To Convert Any Files To PDF With GoGoPDF? – 2023

Today, most people use PDF for everything. May it is for school, research, work, resumes, business, etc., the list keeps ongoing. Most of us, especially those whose work is online, prefer to use PDF. It is professional and has a formal approach to those we intend to send it to. Also, PDFs are safer and more comfortable to utilize.

GoGoPDF offers essential tools for our PDF needs. Such as converting files to or from PDF, Compressing a PDF file, Merging or Splitting a PDF file, and so on. GoGoPDF also lets us utilize their platform anywhere for free while it keeps our documents safe and secured. Here, we will have a step-by-step process on how to convert our files to PDF.

Converting Word to PDF

Converting Word to PDF makes it convenient to read and could not be edited out by others easily. There is just a simple process to follow to convert Word to PDF with GoGoPDF.

The first is to select or drag and drop the file from your device into their conversion box. GoGoPDF will let the conversion happen, and you only have to wait until it turns your file into a PDF. It would be available for download once it’s finished, and you can save it or save the link and send it to your Dropbox and Cloud.

Other Types of Conversions

GoGoPDF also offers other types of conversion. We can also convert files such as JPG, Excel, PPT, and HTML. The same process flow with Word, the instruction can be followed smoothly and effortlessly. It is also fast with a good internet connection making our work efficient and hassle-free.

Converting JPG to PDF

GoGoPDF will combine your JPG files into one PDF with their Conversion tool or the merge tool. It is also easy and fast. By selecting the JPG files that we want, the conversion tool will turn it into a PDF, and we are able to select an output format. Once done, it will be available for download.

Converting Excel to PDF

Excel or Spreadsheets sometimes are hard to read. By converting it to a PDF, our work is more comprehensible. Convert your Spreadsheet to PDF with GoGoPDF by selecting the files and let them turn it into a PDF file with the best quality that would be available for download.

Converting PPT to PDF

We can now transform our Powerpoint to PDF, making it neat and accessible to read. With GoGoPDF, we can convert our Powerpoint files to PDF accurately. By selecting the slides we want to convert, GoGoPDF will scan them and start the conversion process. Then the now transformed PDF file will be available for download.

Converting HTML to PDF

GoGoPDF also offers to turn a web page into a PDF document. To convert the HTML to PDF, we only have to copy and paste the URL from the HTML file to their conversion box. Then, the process will begin, and we only have to wait for it to be available for download.

GoGoPDF’s Security Policy

We don’t need to worry about our files be taken and seen by strangers. GoGoPDF is a safe platform since it is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. All of the files that we upload to their system are immediately and automatically be deleted from their server after an hour.

GoGoPDF Support

You are able to use their platform anytime and anywhere. There’s no need for us to worry about what type of operating system we use. GoGoPDF supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. We can even access it to any type of browser, may it be Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Go PRO with GoGoPDF

By being a Pro member of GoGoPDF, we can now have unlimited access to their platform, where we could process as many files as we want. We could also process two or more files simultaneously while having unlimited storage for our files. Lastly, we are prioritized by their customer support.


PDF files may incorporate texts, images, hyperlinks, etc. With this type of file, our documents would be easier to view or share with others. Most people nowadays prefer to use PDF since it is safe and secured with the password protection that other types of files don’t have. Lastly, with PDF, we could open it to any device, may it be a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop

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