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What You Should Know About Pregnancy Massage

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If you have ever had a massage, you understand the incredible benefits of these treatments. As a pregnant woman, you will experience discomfort, pain and fatigue unlike any you have ever felt, and you may think that your days of massage are over, at least for the foreseeable future. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. These are things you should know about prenatal or pregnancy massage.

About Pregnancy Massage

During a traditional massage, you may spend most of your time lying on your stomach. This position makes it easier for the massage therapist to work most of your muscles. However, this positioning can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous, for pregnant women. Therefore, your massage will take place while you are lying on your sides. You may also be placed in a reclining position. You may even be placed on special cushions. Some pregnancy massage Sydney spas also have tables with holes or dips where your belly and breasts can rest comfortably when you are lying on your stomach. These positions and tools ensure that your blood flow isn’t compromised during your massage.

Traditional massages work deep into your muscles and tissues to relieve pressure and work out soreness and pain. Although many of your muscles can still be worked in this way, those around your abdomen, back and legs to avoid blood interruption and clots.

Prenatal Massage Safety

In general, pregnancy massages are safe during your first trimester. However, you need to let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant before the massage begins. In addition, you should seek a practitioner who is trained and experienced in prenatal massage. In fact, look for those with at least 16 hours of advanced prenatal massage training. Although no evidence has been found that massaging trigger points can cause contractions or induce labour, many therapists avoid certain areas during a pregnancy massage Sydney. Also, these therapists will typically avoid massaging your stomach, which can make you uncomfortable.

If you decide to get a massage during your second trimester, avoid lying on your back or sitting in a reclined position. Lay on your side to ensure proper blood circulation, especially to the placenta. Also, avoid deep tissue treatments in your lower extremities. Find a therapist who provides gentle pressure, and don’t be afraid to tell your practitioner what feels good and what is uncomfortable.

You should always ask your doctor before you get a massage or look for day spa packages in Sydney during pregnancy, but this is especially important if you have had any medical challenges since you became pregnant, such as morning sickness, diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, fever, viruses or any pain and bleeding. In addition, massages should be avoided if you feel dizzy or experience an increase in your morning sickness. If you feel contractions or any pain during or after the massage, stop the treatment immediately and consult your physician.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Pregnancy is uncomfortable, and experience insomnia; joint, neck and back pain; cramps in your legs; swelling in your extremities; congestion and headaches as well as sciatica from the added weight in your core. You may ask, “are pregnancy massages beneficial?” The answer is yes. If you are medically cleared to get a prenatal massage, you may experience several benefits.

As your body changes, your posture changes, pulling on different muscles than you used previously. The pain in your lower back, neck, shoulders, pelvis and sciatic nerve can be relieved through massage. In addition, spa and massage packages Sydney help you relax and destress, which can improve your insomnia. You may even find a practitioner who will come to your home, increasing your comfort. In addition, gentle massage can move the fluid that builds up in your legs, feet and ankles. Your hormone levels and blood circulation can also be improved.

Other Safe Spa Treatments

When you become pregnant, you learn about all the things you are no longer allowed to do. This can be both frustrating and depressing. From caffeine to hair colouring, you may feel like you are giving up all the things you love. However, you should still be able to find spa and massage packages Sydney that offer treatments that are safe for you and your child. For example, you can still enjoy manicures and pedicures with your family and friends. You can also schedule relaxing facials and, of course, pregnancy massages. However, you should consult with your physician before you purchase any day spa packages in Sydney, especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

You don’t have to have a high-stress, uncomfortable pregnancy. Instead, search for ways to relax and help your body adjust as you prepare for your new family member.

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